I'm in love with 70x70 scarf!!

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  1. I got my first 70x70 scarf today.

    I got the Indian in dark brown and the Indian in orange.

    SA told me that it's the special edition for silk 70's anniversary.

    I didn't even know they made this size of scarf and it's perfect for my birkins and for around the neck!!:tender:

    The kind of silk is different from the normal one, mote thik, with a kind of patina on it.

    Love it!
  2. How about some pics?
  3. I also bought one of these scarves , black Kelly caleche one
    I will post pics tommorow

    I dont like the silk! I cant tie it as well as my other ones,

    It just does not act as well as my other scarves and feels cheap.

    Its just to bouncy for me to tie,

    Rose I need your help!

  4. I love, love, love my 70 cm scarves!!! I have the Kelly en Caleche in blue and the Omnibus in red. I love the size and softness. :love:
  5. Congratulations!!

    I love the silk of the 70 cm scarves, I am hoping H will issue 90 cm scarves using his silk. Ardneish, these are easy to tie, just have a play with them! ( some 'in action' pics: http://vintagesilk.blogspot.com/)
  6. I love the Kelly en Caleche scarf in 70 cm. I love it in the brown and black colorways, and also the red omnibus!!
  7. I meant 'this' not 'his'.....
  8. I'm yet to get one, I want a black & white Omnibus.
  9. I want the Swinging in St. Germain in the black/white/red cw!!!:sweatdrop:
  10. ^^^ I want it in lilac...

  11. Rose I will post pics of it Sunday

    I really do struggle with it because I cant fold it flat enough before tying and its slippy

    I went to wear it the other day and just gave up, and changed to my plisse.

    I will try a practice Sunday , sorry members it must just be me.:s
  12. Wow the blog is fantastic
    I will try play with it Sunday and copy the ways you have shown
    It looks amazing on you

    Ps hows the hummer??
  13. ^^^ loving it!!
  14. i want all of them :devil: but considering the number of black/white scarves i have on my wishlist in general i'm thinking the gold might be the best.. i love purple but i think the lilac is verging on slightly too girly for me. maybe. :s