I'm in LOVE w/ my new bubble quilt. But not this one :(

  1. FINALLY my dark brown bubble quilt flap arrived. Although this is the PERFECT bag for me I need to exchange it for another. I requested NM order one from the whse for me that was never touched and in a CHANEL box. The SA said no problem and low and behold yesterday a Chanel not from the whse scratched everywhere arrived and no Chanel box. I don't understand how this happens but anyway the bag itself is TDF I just need to call and have them send me another one.



  2. Good luck with the exchange! It's always such a throw of the dice when you have a bag shipped, huh? I love the color on your bubble quilt and hope it all works out.
  3. ohh its looks so nice and squishy but the bag looks purple in the last picture!!!
  4. That chocolate brown is TDF. Good luck with the new bag. Is the leather really delicate like the Sharpey?

  5. The leather itself seems fine. Not too delicate the CC on the front and the chain is all scratched. For $2700 I'd just like to have a fresh new bag w/out any imperfections.
  6. It's a beautiful bag! I hope everything works out. You deserve a perfect bag!
  7. It looks great on you. I always get my SA to have the warehouse ship mine to the store. (I still pay for it, but fed ex requires a signature and I am never home to sign for it. And it is more convenient to go to NM than to the fed ex location to pick it up.) You might try that -- you can examine it in the store, get your box etc.

    NM warehouse is weird about boxes. They used to destroy the balenciaga boxes and never ship in the box. My SA said the boxes were too bulky etc. Duh!
  8. It is a beautiful bag, but it is ashame you have to go thru the hassle of exchanging it.
  9. It looks really purple in the last pic, it's like two diffrent bags
  10. ooh, i love this bag too - what about the bowler? it's so cute, wish i could have both. let us know how the leather holds up, it felt a tad fragile at the store (though nowhere as fragile as lambskin). good luck with your exchange!
  11. The bag is a true true chocolate brown. The purple effect is from my camera which I have no clue how to use.
  12. Gorgeous! The color almost looks purple in the last picture. It is brown, no?

    Good luck with your exchange.
  13. oh that's terrible! How do they get away with not sending a box too?? Well good luck in your exchange, the bag looks great on you.
  14. Congrats, that bag looks gorgeous, yes for 2700 you better get a brand new one!
  15. ^^ I agree!

    But it is a very pretty bag! Good luck with the exchange!