I'm in love Turquoise Edith

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  1. ^^The blue is really beautiful!
  2. It's lovely!
  3. It's so gorgeous! Almost makes me wish I hadn't bought the baby Grenat :biggrin: Almost.
  4. I like the sand one.
  5. Nicest color for that bag so far :biggrin:
  6. Oh my gosh!! $1740, doesn't it retail at around $1300?? I mean it's cute, but I sure would rather wait until it hits the stores....
  7. I love that color! Turquoise and grey are my favorite colors for the Edith :love: Chamois is pretty, too.
  8. I love it as well, but I think I am more in love with the color then the bag LOL!
  9. It is $1275, just like the others...NAP will get some, but they have not confirmed WHEN. I love the color. I ordered the whiskey, but the turquoise is a beautiful summer color. I love the chamois, too! But not the sand. Wondering if there is a difference. But the Saks ad for the chamois showed a much richer color than the sand that we have seen on eBay.
  10. The color is so pretty!
  12. I have sent a mail to the Chloè website asking for the offwhite colour..
    They answer me that Edith will be produced in this colour next autumn-winter..

    I think i wait for it
  13. Wow, that colour really is something else ~
  14. A/W of 2006?