I'm in love . . . Rouille Day/Hobo

  1. I agree 100%. I think this color is best suited for a style like the Day.

    Very beautiful!!!
  2. me like :drool: :heart:
  3. ACK, i love this color too & miss my rouille first whenever i see it :push:
  4. i have this bag. it is great. i prefer bbags in the neutral colors and in the older leather so this is not only my only '06 bag but also my only colored bag (unless you count anis as a color). in some ways, i see this as being an earthy color too and i think it looks best in the large size.
  5. oooo, rouille looks awesome in a Day!!!! I have a Rouille Box and love that bright color!! someone should get this!!!
  6. I have always loved this color and its exceptional in the Day. I'm on a major ban...but I will watch it...just watching....hmmm....
  7. I agree! Rouille is one of the hottest bbag colors:drool: I love it too!:love:
  8. WOW I :heart: it - its better than the rouille courier on eBay and cheaper:graucho:
  9. ugh - she wont ship to the UK:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: