I'm in-love!! My cervo antic satchel is here!!!

  1. Delivered one day earlier than expected! :yahoo: This bag has some of the nicest leather I've ever seen! :tender: It's so soft, I can't stop touching it! None of these photos truly capture it's beauty IMHO. Irl it looks so much more scrumptious! :love:

    All pictures taken in natural light without flash:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. COngrats!!! Love it as always!I love how it feeels too...I use my wallet everyday and so far that leather holds up GREAT!
  3. That's really gorgeous, the color is TDF!
  4. what an elegant bag! love it.
  5. Thank you Jill, vanojr9, and bagnshoofetish! :love:

    Jill I am really surprised at how well my wallet has been doing too. At first I was scared to buy this bag for fear it would scratch easily... but after using my wallet for a few weeks I decided to take the plunge! My nails aren't super short and I thought for sure there'd be at least one scratch by now but there isn't! I hope this bag will do just as well. :heart:
  6. Congrats Audrey!! I think I would have loved it if it wasn't so long for me.
  7. :drool: Such a beautiful bag.....congrats!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations! The bag is truly gorgeous. The only time I've ever been able to touch it is in the store, and I was amazed at how soft the leather was too (It looked so thick and sturdy that I didn't think it would be). Truly a gem!
  9. welcome to the antic cervo club! the bag is amazing! I love tis model!!
  10. Audrey - great bag! You are on a roll! :yahoo:
  11. Another gorgeous bag Audrey! Congrats!!!
  12. Congratulations!!! I love the colour and the style of this bag!
  13. Wow, Audry, that color is just stunning, and divine! Oh I love it! It is the prefect bag for Fall.
  14. Thanks you all for the lovely compliments! :love: I am so excited about taking her out tomorrow! This bag was actually a sort-of gift (unlike almost every other bag that I own.) I'm going to really treasure her for a long time! :tender:
  15. Congrats Audrey!!! Beautiful!! :smile: