*I'm in love....(cue the cheesy music)* anthracite pics ;)

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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous. Those of you who have this color Havana, hold on tight!!

    Could the leather be any softer? OMG. I have wanted this wallet for soooo long but was waiting for the right price :wlae:
    The color is amazing! Plus, it came with it's own little dustbag. The leather cuff I ordered came in a box and it's own dustbag too, how cute is that?!
    Kudos to HH this time :tup:

    ~~sorry for all the pics....I'm bored ;)

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  2. Posk!

    :heart: the new Anthracite wallet!! Its so pretty and has tons of pockets! :tup: CONGRATS!! Thanks for all the pics too!

  3. Purrrdy Posk!! Thanks for the pics - eye candy is always appreciated!!! Now what about pics of your cuff?!
  4. Very pretty. I want a clutch wallet so badly, but I'm afraid the anthracite won't hold up to my abuse. *sniff*
  5. Wonderful pics posk...thanks so much!
  6. I just got mine too! Aren't they perfect??
    Great pics, congrats on finally getting the one you wanted!
  7. Thanks ladies!! You're all so sweet :heart::heart: Thanks for sharing with me!
  8. #8 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    posk, it is GORGEOUS! I have a havana hobo coming in that colour. Is the hardware on the wallet gold or silver? I can't tell on my ancient monitor...

    This will look awesome with your pewter midi!
  9. ^^ OMG I can't believe you have a Havana coming in that color! I am GREEN with envy it's going to be gorgeous, don't forget pics!!
    I thought it would look good with the midi too----or maybe it will clash...? not sure ;)

    The hardware is gold, which was a nice surprise..it's a pretty brushed gold very nice.
  10. Very lovely...
  11. Gorgeous! I didn't think I could do a metallic, but if it's as gorgeous as this...watch out! LOL! Must start stalking the site again...
  12. Really - the leather is soft???? Like squishy nico soft????

    Off - to search what is left in anthracite....
  13. Posk, I love your new wallet!
    I was afraid the anthracite would be too shiny "metallic", but it is just perfect!
    I love it!!!!
    :drool: :drool: :drool:

  14. love it posk....Congrats : )
  15. Wow it's so pretty, congrats! Can't wait for my Havana to arrive now!