I'm in Love! Creamy Caramel Tribute is Here!!

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  1. I have had a few YSL Mombasa bags in the past and while I loved them they were just not the style for me. I have been waiting for another YSL to come into my life and finally she is here:yahoo:! I am so excited to present my gorgeous new YSL large Tribute bag:nuts:.
    I love the small side zips and even the dustbag was impressive, lol:love:. I can't wait to take this baby out for a spin on the town. So without further adeu, here she is...

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  2. Congrats!!!! It is VERY Nice!!!
  3. Congrats on the new tribute! It's an awesome bag!
  4. Congrats. Love the camel color. I've got a large Tribute too and its a great bag. :tup: Enjoy!
  5. it's gorgeous!:tup: does the croc embossed tribute come in other colors aside from caramel & black?
  6. CONGRATS! gorgeous bag! I love the texture of it with the color.
  7. ohhh.... the croc quilted tribute!!! how much did u get it for? :P
  8. Thanks so much for the kind comments:shame::heart:. I am totally in love with it and was so surprised at how soft the leather was. I guess I was expecting it to be stiff because of the patent but really it is soft and slouchy.
    I don't know what other colors it comes in honestly. I really don't even know the "proper" YSL name for this color. It just looks like creamy caramel to me so I ran with it:P.
    I got it from a friend of mine and she had bought it on sale from YSL for 800 and she gave me a great deal. I was so excited to give it a new home since I had been wanting a YSL forever.
  9. Gorgeous Bag I love this bag and the color :drool:
  10. hey tat.. nice to see you hear at the YSL thread!! congrats on your tribute!:party:
  11. OMG what a great price!! did the black quilted croc go on sale for 800 as well??
  12. It's gorgeous, congratulations! The Tribute is a bag out of which you'll get tons of use, too!
  13. Lovely, such a soft color alternative from the fabulous YSL black patent!
  14. Hi girlie!! What can I say, staring at all your gorgeous YSL items put me on the hunt.:nuts::P
  15. I'm not sure. I would be happy to ask her for you:yes:. She bought it in NYC if that helps.