I'm in love--can you help me?

  1. Hello Fashionistas!

    I was walking down the street in NYC when all of a sudden I saw them......my new dream pair of heels. I haven't seen shoes I wanted this bad in over a year!

    Unfortunately they were strapped onto the feet of another lady walking by.

    So, I want to go buy them but I have no idea who the designer is or how I can find them.

    Description: high heeled strappy sandals with white cowrie shells (like the necklaces and bracelets that one associates with the beach) all along the straps around the ankle and across the toes.

    I have been searching the internet for them and I cant find them anywhere.

    Can someone please help me out? I'm in love.

    And I need those shoes.


  2. They sound like Manolos. He uses a lot of shells on his shoes. What color were the acutal shoes?
  3. They might be Manolos because I see his shoes with shells every now and then at websites of NM or Bergdorf ... though not this particular one you described.
  4. I thought they might be, too, but I've scoured every website and cannot find them.

    I know that Manolo just pre-released some shoes for VIPs, so it's possible that they are in that category.

    Manolo Maven, do you know?

    I cannot recall the color of the straps, but they were very simple. I think they were just a strap around the ankle and one across the toes and high heels. The white shells pretty much covered the straps.

    I'm going to call my SA at Jimmy Choo and see if they are pre-release Choo's, but I doubt it or I would have already heard.

    Can anyone help me? I am totally obsessed right now.

    I swear--these shoes are what's missing from my life.

    Thanks again ladies!
  5. I called Jimmy Choo and they aren't.

    I called Manolo and my SA said they sounded like something from 2 seasons ago but she wasn't sure.

    Does anyone collect old catelogs or Manolo sketches or something from a couple of years ago?

    Does anyone know how to track down old shoes?

    I think my heart is breaking...
  6. I totally would have run after her to ask!