Im in LOVE .... but

  1. I am really starting to LOVE the hidden platforms but i really can only afford one right now... should it be the sandal of the slingback? Im thinking slingback myself - can get more chances to wear it? Please help...

    Beatrix Side 8521-622663-3.jpg Beatrix Back 8521-622663-4.JPG Vera Side 6900-571487-3.jpg Vera Back 6900-571487-4.jpg
  2. Slingback....much sleeker yet still sexy
  3. The slingbacks are gorgeous!
  4. Another vote for slingback
  5. Just curious, how high are those heels LOL? I don't think I've even seen Louboutins that high!
  6. I like the sandal better.
  7. I like them both, but I'm going to say the sandal just because I think it will be more comfortable and you'll be more likely to wear them more. I like open toes too.
  8. The slingbacks are really pretty!
  9. they are both hot.. i'd go with the slingbacks though
  10. I prefer the slingbacks...
  11. slings. who are those by?
  12. They are both by Report... They say they are 4 1/2 inch heels but I think they are closer to 5 inch - which is definitely OK by me ...

  13. I like the sandals better
  14. Sandal!! I have a pair of Report Signature shoes; they smoosh my toes but are TDF so I wear them anyway...
  15. LOVE the Slingbacks!