I'm in love ...again ....

  1. This is my new (to me) new love :love: She is so smooshy and lovable!!

    Please welcome Little Miss Anthra Twiggy !! :tender:
    anthra twiggy tPF.jpg IMG_0649.jpg IMG_0647.jpg
  2. wow, your anthra is so veiny and looks more green-grey. i likey! congrats!
  3. Ohhh she is gorgeous!!!!! Congrats :smile:
  4. I love the way she smooshes! Lovely!
  5. Gorgeous!!!:love:
  6. wow, your twiggy looks amazing! congrats!
  7. ahhh love anthra! congrats!
  8. Gorgeous color!!!!!! Congrats!!:tup:
  9. Gorgeous, congrats.
  10. Love it! Anthracite is such a cool color!
  11. Wow, that bag is amazing!
  12. Anthra is so pretty and that leather is TDF!!! Congrats!
  13. Oh gorgeous color! Congrats!
  14. gorgeous, congrats!
  15. shes gorgeous!! great choice!!