I'm in loooove...

  1. with LV MC Leanor... :girlsigh:

    Does anyone here own one and has a pic of it?? :nuts:

    Sighhh... DH promised to get me MC Speedy 30 as my b'day present. I'm planning to get the Shirley next month or so. Think I can only dream of the Leanor for now. Gotta save some before I grab my hands on them.. heheheh.:graucho:
  2. MC leonor is TDF..
  3. There's a picture of Francis Bean Cobain in the celeb thread and hers !
  4. I love this bag too. I long to own one in monogram :heart:
  5. Thanks for sharing the pic from elux, sophia.

    Sighhh... all I can do now is look at the picture.
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