I'm in! I've decided on my first bbag... a FIRST! What color?

  1. I'm completely new to Balenciaga but I've decided I WANT one!

    How much do Firsts retail for in Canada? U.S? What would be considered a deal? Just so I know when I'm browsing... :yes:

    I've decided on the First but don't know what color I should get yet. Magenta? Lilac? I want color... no black or brown or bronze, etc. Hope to get lots of input! Thanks!! I'm excited! :yahoo:
  2. You can probably get a really good deal on eBay and I've seen firsts go for around $700-$800 range which is a deal!
    As for colors..since your getting a first...a good pop of color would be fab in a small bag like the first! Maybe rouge vif..which is a gorgeous strawberry red ?! :love:
  3. ^^that one is beautiful!!:love:
  4. You should get something blue...it matches everything! The marine is very dark blue, or blueberry or cornflower blue. But lilac is very sweet!!
  5. retail for a first is $995 i think. I would get a bright colour to give a 'pop' to an outfit!
  6. Def something from the red family if you want something that pops! I do like 'em Rouge Theatres :yes:
  7. magenta or rouge vif!
  8. It's nice to see someone sooo excited about getting a new bag! I say get whatever color strikes you. Magenta and Lilac are both really lovely colors. My thing right now is red. Any red.
  9. in terms of retail - keep in mind that past season colors can no longer be found in stores. so if you can snag a past season color for below retail, that's a great deal! (depending, of course, on the condition of the bag)

    my vote is for any red (my obsession) or another bright color. the greens look gorgeous, too.
  10. magenta is pretty :yes:
    and i think i saw a turq '04 first too on eBay :p
  11. Watching that as well. LOL. I've decided to go with Margenta.. I LOVE the green and turq color but pinks and purples match my clothes a lot more. I want the LV speedy in red so I don't think I want to go for something red again. THANKS everyone for their opinions so now just wish me luck on finding one! lol