I'm in high spirits...

  1. Hello everyone! Here is the picture of my first spy bag! I am so pleased that I recieved it in great condition and let me tell you, I simply am in love with it and the smell of the bag... Now i know why all the ladies here never stops at 1... :roflmfao:
    Congratulations!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  3. Love that colour. So glamorous!!!
  4. So elegant!!! congrats and enjoy that beauty!
  5. Another beautiful Spy bag...i'm going to need a bucket for all the drooling i've been doing recently over these Spy purchases!
  6. ^Get me one too!!
  7. very pretty! I think the silver has a more antique look to it and the gold is definitely more bling.
  8. I love that spy! Like someone else said, it really is so elegant! :heart:

    I might have to get me one in that color one of these days....!:p
  9. gosh that is fantastic.

    what an amazing intro to the spy you have chosen

    congratulations, its stunning :biggrin:
  10. congrats!! :biggrin:
  11. Wow, I love it! What a stunner! Congrats!!!!:nuts:
  12. I love it! Where'd you find it?
  13. She bought it from Jomashop
  14. Thank you everyone for your lovely compliments! Cheers to Fendi spy lovers!!!:yahoo:
  15. Congrats such to such a wonderful eyecatcher, I am shure you will enjoy it a lot!