I'm in Heaven

  1. I just called Coach and they have the Large Ergo Hobos available to order in Khaki/white.

    sooooooooooooo excited b/c I have wanted a Large for so long but just kinda blah about the black. And I know for a fact that I will be SUPER happy w/these and NEVER RETURN THEM!!! lol :roflmfao:

    And they have the Hamptons signature slim wallets in Khaki/PUNCH!!!

    So this Wallet but in Pink

    And this Bag, but the Large Size!!!
  2. Do they have the bag in punch or pink?!?
  3. I had the customer service lady on the phone check for me and only in the medium
    I would order it, but I already have a medium in khaki/mohogony.... or should i just say screw it and get this!!! lol
  4. THey are both gorgeous bags! I'm confused did you say they had punch in medium? Or did you mean they had that salmonish color in medium? Either way, I love that peachy/salmon color!
  5. I love that "Punch" or "Salmonish", lol whatever it is called I love it !:love:
  6. is that the punch color above?? in medium?
  7. Guess your ban is off, huh? LOL.......:p
  8. OMG i NEED that punch/khaki hobo!!! :drool:
  9. lol I should have never opened this thread lol.. BAD INTENTIONS
  10. Pretty!!! That is one thing that is confusing to me about Coach, they call something rose, then the next line they still call it rose but it is a totally different color, and punch was such a great pink color and that does not look like punch to me! :shrugs:
  11. ^Yea thats confusing. The pink looks really cute though on the website.
  12. hmm I wonder what color she really comes in lol
  13. the woman on the phone told me it's called punch but it's more of a rose color, and i asked her why, and she said she had nooo idea and she has gotten so many calls about it.... all of us tpf-ers lol