I'm in Croc Heaven!!!! (w/modeling pics!)

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  1. Hi all!
    So I finally got my grey croc audrey...after ordering her from the boutique yesterday and TODAY they had them at gilroy outlets...so I got one there! (sorry FP store!) And while I was there, I thought "while in Rome..." so I went croc crazy :yahoo:

    grey croc audrey!!!!

    PURPLE! croc wallet


    as a satchel...

    with shoulder strap..

    family shot! (with speedy peaking out from behind)

    Enjoy! I know I will! :biggrin:
  2. Oh I love the gray!!! Congrats! It looks great on you!
  3. Congrats!! Looks wonderful!!
  4. wohooooooooo
    awesome finds!
    that speedy must be scared to death being so close to all the crocs!!
  5. Nice haul. I love that bag!
  6. I love it! May I ask how much was it at the outlet? I'm going to the outlet soon and thinking about buying the same bag.
  7. Yay we are bag twins...looks great on you! I almost bought the wristlet too...wondering if I should go back ...
    Katiebear it was 30% off
  8. thanks guys!! I can't stop looking at her!! :smile:

    I think it came out to $450 with tax!
  9. I love the wristlet! the SA brought 5 out when I asked him if there was anymore in the back, he gave me one, and when I turned around, the rest were gone!!
  10. My outlet had tons of wristlets. I might try to go back on the 6th and see if they still have some even though I am on ban! lol
  11. Congrats! Another croc Audrey! Love your accessories too. I plan to mix the croc colors too (bone and purple) in my Audrey and my embossed carryall.
  12. gorgeous bag! i love it!
  13. Cute! I love your gray croc Audrey... I just charge held one at my own local outlet, and your reveal has made me even more excited to pick her up! It's such a gorgeous, seasonless, classic bag. Congrats! (P.s. those croc accessories are deelovely too!) :heart:
  14. What a haul! The Audrey looks great on you. Congrats and enjoy all your new goodies!
  15. Congrats! SO gorgeous!