I'm in Chanel heaven, ahh!! Pics of my new babies!! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! Ahh, so my finals are done (not sure how I'm awake and functioning, since I pretty much pulled an all nighter!), but who needs adrenaline when you have new Chanel bags to play with and show off to the most fabulous ladies?! :smile: No way my "modeling" pics have done these babies justice, but don't hate on a girl (who, by the way, is in no way, shape, or form a model!) for trying! :P

    And now, my version of a Chanel inspired "Oscar" speech hehe - Thank you absoluteanne for showing off your stunning dark chocolate VL tote... you inspired me to track one down for myself, and I couldn't have done so without the help of DJO - Damien, you're freakin awesome! :heart: Many thanks to a fabulous pfer for my black metallic bowler hookup - you're too sweet! :flowers: Finally, thanks to another fabulous pfer for giving me the contact info of an SA at NM who was able to find me what was supposed to be the bronze metallic bowler... only, it wasn't haha, but after opening up the box, I knew I had to keep it! Warning - I have a bad case of Chanelingitis (incurable, and acute!), and would still be all over a bronze metallic bowler should one come my way. :nuts: Anyway, here are some pictures, enjoy! :smile:

  2. so pretty......Congrats on all the amazin bags!
  3. That is some trio! Enjoy them all- they're GORGEOUS...
  4. very nice collection!!!
    lots to love:heart:.
  5. cute bags, esp love the silver bowler!

    I think you should post a GROUP shot of ALL of your chanel bags, everytime I am browsing a thread you are posting about a bag you own :P
  6. love your dark silver bowler!! you look ggggreat.
  7. Stunning trio!
  8. Gorgeous collection :nuts:
  9. Hi! :smile: Haha, ohh no, that would take too long! :P I will one day though!

    Thank you Jill, ada726, Purrrfect, Irene/takeoutbox, Coldplaylover, and kaka!! :heart:
  10. the material ...seems different??? for the bowler...black 1 to be precise...havent' seen that b4...

    congrats..on all yr bags
  11. So pretty! You have a great collection
  12. Thanks. Might just be the picture, I don't know... it's the medium black metallic goatskin bowler, same bag other pfers have posted their pictures of.

  13. Minal, Just stunning!! Great scores!