I'm in brown heaven.....come see my new babies!!!

  1. So after the 08 Magenta city, 06 Grenat work and 07 Violet le compagnon, here are my new brown babies: 07 Cafe Brief and 07 Sienna Work!!! I'm soooo in love with these two, so butterly soft and smooshy:love:!

    :heart:Special THANK-YOU to two amazing PFers (C & H) who helped me find them!!!

  2. Ooh, you look so great with those bags. How fun to have two smooshy bags arrive at the same time!
  3. Love them both.
  4. [​IMG]

    :drool: ACKKK!!!! This is stunning...and may be my next color choice as well. Beautiful!!! Great pics! :yes:
  5. WoWsah!!! You're on a roll.....~! Gorgeous Sienna & beautiful CAFE!! The both look fab on yah! :tup:
  6. The Sienna Work -- :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

  7. ^^ congrats "Q", you wear it well!!!
  8. Wow! Love the grenat color! And, does the le compagnon called another name? This is the first I've seen this bag, and I reallllly like it...and the color is one of my favs!
    Good score!

    Never mind...I reread your op. A brief. I wondered why my search kept bringing me to wallets! LOL
  9. What a major score! I love them!! My favorite is the Cafe Brief!! Congrats! :drool:
  10. Your Sienna is delicious!! Love the charm too!! Congratulations, they are both beautiful, but I am far more drawn to the Sienna, it looks to have beautiful leather as well, thick and soft!!!

    I wish you well,

  11. Gorgeous.
    They look beautiful on you!
  12. :nuts: sienna is really a winner. congrats!
  13. Both are hot! They look really good on you! Congrats!!!
  14. Both bags are just fabulous, I love both colors and you'll never be at a loss for a brown since you have two different ones. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Your bags are gorgeous. :nuts:I love your Sienna. :drool:Congrats.:yahoo: