I'm In Big L.A.M.B. Trouble

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  1. Today I got my very first ever bit of L.A.M.B. My first taste of L.A.M.B. you may say and um. I'm in trouble. I am going to have to have MORE L.A.M.B.!

    I LOVE this wallet. I love the hardware. I love the stripey lining. I love the patent leather.

    Did I mention...


    Pic is stolen from the eBay seller....but you may recognize her since I got her from a tPF-er!
  2. pic isnt working for me?
  3. Voodoo- try copy and paste for the listing page.
  4. Lol, we have sucked you in Voodoo!! Muuuwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaaa!!
  5. I can totally understand the feeling Voodoo...I've been mesmerized by L.A.M.B. recently too. Just bought my 2nd bag and key pouch yesterday! Gorgeous wallet...congrats!!:tup: Have you seen the bags it matches?:graucho:
  6. I can't see it!!! But congrats Voodoo, welcome to L.A.M.B.!!!
  7. OMG I can't believe the pic isn't working .... dang it dang it.... how about this:

  8. I thiiiink I might know who you got it from voodoo :graucho:...

    Congrats! It's beautiful!!
  9. ^ Lambiepie- did you clean out your closet again???

    Rainforest Patent...:drool:

    Love love love it!!
  10. love it!!! congrattttssss..
  11. Thank you!

    I keep pulling her out of my bag and patting her. :P
  12. i love that collection I really want the Bellfast in rainforest, I have a "Wilbury" obsession, going on 4 now....!
  13. :graucho: We've got Voodoo hooked now!!! You know you're hooked when you keep touching and feeling your new LAMB!! I've been doing that to my Rocksteady and oh yes, also smelling LAMB. :tispy::tispy:
  14. Nice Voodoo! Congrats!!! I have the Manchester in Rainforest. Maybe one day I will get the patent wallet to go with it but I am in love with my Rasta wallet right now.
  15. Congratulations! Your wallet is absolutely amazing.