I'm in a Rut -- Need a Pink Me Up!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
So after all that waiting and anticipation, I finally got that Chestnut Hudson a few weeks ago. The bag is gorgeous -- so much prettier and softer than I imagined. I finally emptied my Petrol Stam and filled it up last week, but after only one week of using it, I've already switched to my Mouse Grey Groovee.

I knew the bag was big -- I also knew it would be heavy. It's just not an easy bag to carry & maneuver when you have other things. I carry a tote to work with me that has my change of shoes, my book, a magazine (or 2), and sometimes my dinner. And forget about shopping -- I went on a spur of the moment shopping trip last week w/my granddaughter and I almost took my Hudson back to the car it was so difficult to manage!! I had some errands to run this weekend and decided to switch to the Groovee which I knew would be easier to manage -- it most certainly was and now I haven't gone back to my Hudson.

A part of me feels like I should just suck it up & live with it. After all, I've wanted a Hudson forever and it's finally in my possession. But at the same time, I'm thinking I should just send it back and wait for one to come up on ebay that might not cost as much, or maybe even a Trish which would be a lot easier to manage (I know - there was one last week!). I still can't get that Chloe out of my mind, and I'm thinking if I returned the Hudson, I'd be that much closer to buying the Heloise. I guess I'm just thinking that $900 is a lot of money to spend on a bag that's not going to get used very much. And that's the thing -- because it's not an easy bag to manage, it won't get used nearly as much as my Stams or other shoulder bags.

I don't know -- I just feel like I'm in a rut. There was even a Mouse Grey Stam Hobo last week that I was all excited about but decided to pass on because I don't know if that will satisfy me right now. I guess after all the anticipation about the Hudson, to finally get it and ultimately end up disappointed -- I just don't think I should feel like this after I was so excited about finally being able to buy one.

Then again, maybe it's just the letdown after finally scoring one of my HG bags -- now I have to start over again and wait & save for that Chloe (which is my next HG bag). I just have this "emptiness" right now and maybe that's becuz I know there's nothing coming for a while. I dunno -- what do you guys think? Should I return the Hudson or is this just the normal "coming down" after being on such a high for a while??


Sep 19, 2006
brookyn. ny
honestly, i think even after scoring your HG you should still be excited about the bag itself. you might come down from some excitement, but the bag should still make your heart swoon.

i understand 100% what you're going through. i had a chestnut hudson- i loved it to death (i still do) the shape, the look- there's no question that it's a gorgeous bag, but it didnt really work for me. between the light color, the weight and the fact that it was hard to carry around for long periods of time i had to sell it.

so i thought- no problem, i'll sell the hudson and get a trish and honestly the trish didnt work out any better for me. i never loved it as much as the hudson and it was still very heavy and kind of annoying to get in and out of.

i dont regret selling me hudson (she went to a very good home) and i definitely dont regret selling the trish. i still admire the hudson from afar but remind myself that she's just not the bag for me. if i even ran into one for a great steal- i would maybe think about it, but for close to a grand i want to use the bag!

good luck with your decision!


Sep 9, 2006
i can't speak for you since i personally love the hudson. i know how heavy it is. the striping bowler is probably heavier, but i still use it and love it. it's really about how much you're willing to and can tolerate, i guess. if you don't think you're going to be using the hudson much because of its weight then return it. the chloe heloise is heavy too. i find most chloe bags are. their leather is thick (a great thing!) and chloe loves hardware as much as the mj designers do. the heloise is cute, but again, it's your love not mine, you know? i can't say one is better than the other without being completely biased about it. in the end, i'm going to choose mj obviously because it's my favorite. chloe is not even in my top five list.

so you love mj, but you're not in love with any of the bags right now. there's nothing you need, and that's fine. how exhausting and debt-ridden i would be if i constantly craved an expensive designer bag. i'm feeling the same way you are right now. i got my mika and now i'm just kind of chillin', waiting for the sales to start. i'm actually content for once. i can use my money to buy other things for awhile until the fall line is released. it'll be an exciting time come summer with the markdowns and new styles being to be sure.

from your post, i take it that the hudson did not live up to your expectations. you're much more excited about the heloise, so return the hudson and get your chloe. i'm sure a hudson or a trish will show up on ebay eventually if you decide that you need one in your collection, so you can try to catch one then. do what you need to do to be absolutely happy now. good luck!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
you both make good points -- it's not so much the weight of the Hudson that bothers me -- nearly all my bags are pretty weighty -- It's that it can't be carried on the shoulder and because it's such a soft, "fragile" bag, I'm really worried about bumping it around and having it get messed up -- Becuz of its size, it has to sit on my desk at work (normally I put my bags in my bottom drawer which is really deep) & when I went shopping last week, I couldn't even set it down because my granddaughter was sitting in the seat of the cart, so I had to carry the bag in my arm. It's just not easy to multi-task when you're carrying the Hudson -- going to work is OK since my hubbie drives me & I don't have to worry about "managing" or having both hands free -- but even in the car, I usually set my bag on the console in the middle and I'm so afraid the Hudson's gonna get bumped or knocked over cuz it's such a large bag -- it's all these things that are eating at me -- The bag is gorgeous, and is so worth the $$, but at the same time, I hate to spend that kind of $$ & not get to use the bag that much, which I don't think I'll be able to --

I know Chloe's are heavy bags -- but that bag can at least be carried on the shoulder so it would be easier to multi-task or have both hands free (and I know where I'm at -- the MJ Forum -- so I know that some opinions will be prejudicial!! LOL!). I guess I'm just afraid I'm feeling ungrateful after coveting the Hudson for so long -- to let it go, IMO, seems almost sinful, and maybe that's why I'm feeling so guilty!


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Dec 4, 2007
Planet Spacejace
I don't want to burst your Chloe bubble, but are you sure you are not going to have some of the same problems with the Heloise that you have with the Hudson?

Disclaimer: I have VERY little first hand experience with Chloe.

Moving on. . .While I was in Boston last week I saw a young lady carrying a Heloise and she looked exhausted! The bag looked enormous and she looked like she was struggling under its weight(she had a pretty normal frame too, not petite or anything). She also looked like she was having a hard time keeping it on her shoulder, like it was uncomfortable or slipping or something.

I felt bad for her since I had my Stam comfortably on my shoulder and my hands were free to hold my coffee and my phone( I was texting). I honestly thought to myself "Girl, you have the wrong bag."

Plus the Heloise looks really soft too. have you been able to check it out RIL??

I would hate to have you get rid of an HG just to have another bag that's not quite right, KWIM?:heart:


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Dec 20, 2007
That Prune Heloise bag is really pretty.

I totally understand when the wind seems to be let out of the sails after getting a bag that you really wanted. But, if your heart isn't there, you should search for your HEARTS :heart: DESIRE.



Jun 7, 2006
So. California
First off, I LOVE THE PRUNE HELOISE!! I have been looking at that and I don't even look at Chloe's, usually. I love that bag.

It's really difficult to determine if a bag is for you until you wear it for awhile. If you don't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Hudson, then sell and put the money towards something you will love. $900 is a lot of money to have sitting on the shelf. When I buy a MJ bag, it really has to be something I am going to wear and not be afraid to carry around. I love my Hudson, but I really like hand-held bags and the fact that I can't carry a bag on my shoulder doesn't bug me. There are so many other bags that will come along and work for you. If you aren't nuts about the Hudson, get the Heloise! I really think it's gorgeous.


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Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
Awww, it is so disappointing to look forward to a purse only to find out that it doesn't meet your expectations/lifestyle. I'm sure most of us have been there. Admired a bag for so long, got it, & went, "I wanted this so bag, why?" If you can return it (sometimes that's not an option when you buy ebay or final sale) I say return it & get the bag you are exctied to carry. There are MANY bags I see that I would love to have, but in reality would never work for me. It's best to stick w/ the ones you will carry for a long time & be excited to carry. JMO! Nothing wrong w/ admitting a bag doesn't work for you. Good luck!


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Sep 7, 2006
SF Bay Area
I'm sorry that the Hudson wasn't all that you expected. It is a very pretty bag but I must admit that it can be bulky, which is why I don't carry mine often. Even if I don't get much use from my Hudsons, I don't think I can ever part with them (crazy, I know!). I've come to accept that they are definitely not "everyday bags." However, there are days when I really look forward using them. Perhaps, you can keep your Chestnut Hudson (since you love it but just can't use it everyday) and designate it as a "whenever I feel like being fabulous" bag. However, if you really think it would never see the light of day, then I guess you should go ahead and return it. I'm sure there will be something else that will catch your eye and will be a better fit for you and your lifestyle!

Good luck!!!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
you guys have really been helpful & I appreciate having an ear(s) to bend!!

First off, I LOVE THE PRUNE HELOISE!! I have been looking at that and I don't even look at Chloe's, usually. I love that bag....
I don't want to burst your Chloe bubble, but are you sure you are not going to have some of the same problems with the Heloise that you have with the Hudson?...........
Plus the Heloise looks really soft too. have you been able to check it out RIL??
Thanx roro!! Yes - I've seen the Heloise IRL and that's when I fell in love with it! I actually had a chance to buy a small Patent Leather one in Bordeaux from last fall but passed on it (mainly becuz (1) it didn't have the braided handles, which I LOVE, and (2) I'm not a big fan of patent leather) -- my SA called me to tell me she had one returned & it was like $700. At that time, I had never seen one IRL and told her I'd pass - the last time I was at Nordstroms, I saw the new ones and OMG! I was dying!! The leather's really soft (lambs' leather) & distressed and the straps will easily fit on the shoulder -- there are sooo many pockets, it's exactly my kind of bag. Even the smaller sized one is gorgeous. They didn't have the Prune, but I've seen pics of it since then. At this point, I don't even care what color I get, as long as I get one (but Prune is my 1st choice!). It looks like a delicate bag, but because the leather's so distressed, I wouldn't be as worried about as I am with the Hudson. I think that might have been part of thing w/the Hudson -- I had NEVER seen one IRL before I got mine.

Like I said earlier, there's a part of me that just feels ungrateful - after all that excitement & back & forth, I'm just not that ecstatic & feel like the air's been let out of my balloon, but at the same time, I KNOW it's gorgeous & I still LOVE the Hudson, but no matter how badly I want it to work, it's just not practical for me. The other thing that bothers me (and I know it shouldn't) is that I REALLY wanted one that was fully lined w/leather, but I settled on the one from BBOS because it was NWT & I truly believed that it was worth it. But then I found out that someone else got one from BBOS for the same price (actually, about $70 less) and theirs WAS fully lined with leather. A part of me thinks I overpaid for something & settled, when it was really something else I wanted (KWIM??)

I do like to carry bags on my arm, but I also like/need the option of flinging it on my shoulder. I knew going in that the Hudson wouldn't work on the shoulder, but I kept trying to convince myself that somehow I could make it work -- all it took was 1 hr of shopping w/my granddaughter in tow & I realized that no amount of wishful thinking was going to make it practical for me -- I guess it was better that I found out early on (while I could still return it) then much later & be "stuck with it."

maybe if I wasn't so obsessed with the Heloise, it would be easier to just keep it & use it occasionally, but it's a lot of $$ to spend to not be able to enjoy on a daily basis. If I had spent $500-600 on it, I wouldn't mind it so much, but $900 is A LOT of money to spend on a bag that will spend more time in the closet than on my arm.

I dunno -- I'm thinking I might return it and then maybe (some day) one will come along on ebay (or maybe even a Trish) for less $$. I just wish I wasn't so torn up about it. It's like my brain is saying return it, because it's a lot of $$ & just not right, but my heart is saying keep it -- I've waited so long and here's my chance.

I'm sorry to sound ungrateful or like a broken record, but I've got no one else to complain to :confused1::sad::true:


Sep 2, 2006
United States
I think it's a combination of things. Sometimes, the thrill of the hunt is really exciting, so when it's over and the bag arrives...well...some of that thrill is gone. But I agree with yes.please that if it's your HG, you should be SO excited about carrying it. It doesn't sound like you are. :sad:

I'd probably return it and put it towards the Chloe.

Jan 20, 2008
UPDATE PLEASE:yes:I just found this thread. What did you decide? I can't even believe you are second guessing yourself. Beautiful bag...but....you have the option to return it! I would!!!! And move on to the Heloise. I had a patent here and sold it in Bordeux it was simply stunning. I have yet to see the Plum that you are seeking but I can't wait to(hope you get it). Chloe would be a great change for you. And there is no money lost on this with the return of the Hudson right? SOOOO Buy the Heloise, it will be heavy you know that....and big you know that too.....but most of all.......IRL you :heart: it!

Did you buy it;)? Or return...what do tell!