i'm in a pickle..

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  1. haha So, I am going to start a nannying position soon and I need to cook for the children. I am an ok cook, no where near a gourmet chef. I was wondering if anyone had any easy quick recipes I could cook for the children ( lunch and dinner). The mother is HUGE on variety so I have to keep it interesting and I have run short of ideas.
  2. Godspeed and good luck to you!

    There is so much to consider; where do these kids live and what are they accustomed to?
  3. You can do a healthy but delicious chicken salad using spring mix. It's cheap to buy a whole cooked chicken usually at supermarkets and tear the chicken apart, mix into greens and voila! add dressing ^^ I especially love the asian sesame dressing but the children might like ranch better

    I fix this for myself for lunch and quick snack often
  4. Here are two of my favorite don't-feel-like cooking dinners:
    Pita Pizzas
    slice up red onions and red bell peppers. take a pocketless pita bread, brush it with a little olive oil, and top it with the onions, peppers, some fresh basil leaves, and feta crumbles. bake on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 5 mins, just until the onions start to look softened (the cheese won't melt)
    Spinach Macaroni
    cook some elbow macaroni pasta, drain it (don't rinse), put it back in the pot and stir in a pat of butter, a dash of nutmeg, and a handful of chopped fresh spinach. put that in a bowl and grate comte (french cheese, similar to gruyere) over it.
  5. do noneless skinless chicken brest cut them in strips and beat one egg dip chicken strips in egg and then in italian bread crumbs or mabe even panko then saute i think i spelled saute wrong but im sure you know what i mean so saute till done very good kids thinhicken fingers less fat then dip frying and do potato wedge in the oven better than fries and broccoli i cant spell but kids ages 4 and 2 they love it :tup:
  6. One of my favorite things is making some pirogi! Its pretty easy to make and pretty hard to screw up. Throw some sour cream on those bad boys and its amazing!!
  7. this has all been great advice. something i needed :smile: thanks for the thread OP!