Im in a pickle. There are still nice people in ebay.

  1. Hi guys and gals. Well i have a situation. I sold a watch on eBay and me and the buyer had great communication. Before the auction ended he was negotiating the price so we did . He bought it now and everything and he states to me i will pay right away with paypal . So i was ok great 2 days go by an no payment no emails so i write to him. And i go please sent payment if you dont want to pay i will just relist please but let me know. He was like no no please i showed the watch to my wife shes in love with it blah blah blah. I was like ok ok i understand. So he said he was going to send payment that day. Well he did 3 days later he sent an echeck from canada. That takes awhile to clear so i get an email from paypal stating that on July 6 it would clear. Well July 6 th came and the payment didnt clear. I got an email from paypal stating the payment got denied. Well i was upset so.... I wrote them an email all nice ( we have had great communication) explaining what had happened. this has been already almost 3 weeks. Well he writes me back and tells me oh im soo sorry i will send payment immediatly blah blah blah. IN my head i was ok . So i wrote him an email replying to that (still very nice email) . Yesterday the whole day nothing. At this point me and my husband got in a fight because money. (it sucks) so i got upset and got a eBay non payment dispute. Than i relisted the item. Now the GUy responded to eBay saying he was going to pay. And also i wrote him an email still nice explaining why i had to do that and everything. Sorry i didnt know it was going to be a long post. Now i want to know your point of views if i did the correct thing going to ebay. I know people have problems with payment . But i didnt mention this before this person has 2 ebay ids one for buying the other for selling. at the time he bought the item from me i saw he had an item for sale a watch going for a very high price. SO i figured oh his waiting for that auction to end to pay me . But that wasnt the case. Now im out of money and out of patience. Was it the right thing to do . You guys are the only ones i can talk to right now. Since me and the husband arent in speaking terms.. Please advice me. :crybaby:
  2. Oooh, I'm very sorry to hear about your fight! I think you did the right thing, after three weeks of excuses you can be sure that this guy wasn't really going to pay. You can be as sweet as pie and still have no money to complete a transaction with. I hope someone buys the watch quickly!

    Also, I don't know if you negotiate routinely with buyers, but why not just set your opening bid a little lower and hope that you don't have to negotiate? That way you won't have to play the waiting game...either the buyer pays or he/she doesn't.
  3. you always set a high price because cheap people will always negotiate.

    i think you did the right thing, you should also block that user from bidding on your item so you dont get the runaround again :smile:
  4. Definitely forget about this guy. It's not your fault; he turned out to be flaky. Relist without any guilt and you'll get another good buyer. Good luck!
  5. I think you did the right thing- for some reason, the flake was trying to buy some time. Time to give neg feedback and move on. Hope this experience doesn't discourage you!
  6. Don't feel bad... you tried being nice and he wore out his welcome. Since he's a seller too he should understand, right? Besides, three weeks is WAAAY too long to be without payment in the ebay world.
  7. Thanks guys for making me feel better. I relisted and the other seller sent me a question through the new relisted item. He says Please read my email and this is what he wrote:
    Im very sorry,as I mentioned to you, paypal took the money from my account and now I have to wait 48hours to get them back.

    I borrowed money to add to my credit card and now I have 800 US$(including 30$ for waiting) available. I can pay now if you give me the confirmation.
    Let me know asap since Im leaving to work in two hours.
    Trust me, I did everything possible to make everything work.
    Please understand me and everyone happy,as my wife she will be disappointed if she'll not get the watch :sad:
    Thank you and God bless,

    *** I wrote back saying i will cancel everything if you send me payment. But i wont till i get the money. Ok those emails were at 10 am . thats been more than 3 hours ago. WTF@!!!
  8. He just seems way too flaky to deal with. If he wanted the item that bad he would have made sure everything went through ok and paid ASAP so that he could be guaranteed the item. By waiting this long and THEN not having the courtesy to complete the transaction in a timely manner, he's just not the type of buyer I'd want to deal with. I agree with sea0fyears, he has worn out his welcome. You gave him another deadline and he still hasn't followed through, I'd just wait until tonight (since he said he's at work) and then if there still isn't a payment, block him.

  9. i agree w/ you babydoll, if he really wanted that watch so bad and negotiating w/ you to death , he will made the payment soon or the longest time frame is a week not 3 weeks
  10. thanks guys. I always know that I can count on all of u.
  11. You deserve a medal for being so accomodating.:balloon:ITA with the others: it's time for you to move on to a sincere buyer. Good Luck!
  12. ITA!

    Just re-list and chalk it up to the craziness of eBay. Atleast he was nice although slllllooooooowwwww.

    Sorry about issue w/ DH.
  13. DO NOT deal w/ him. It could be a scam. NOT worth the headache.
  14. Like everyone else, I think you have been incredibly accommodating and patient. I too am a complete softy and as a result have been ripped off a couple of times. Whilst I am not yet a hardbitten Ebay cynic, I am much firmer about things, although I hope I always do it in a kind way and flexibly. I would explain very clearly and politely that you simply don't feel able to wait any longer and whilst you appreciate his honesty about his difficulties you will be relisting the item with a BIN price at the level you agreed requiring immediate payment. If he wants it, he can use his credit card and do it that way. Lots of luck - let us know how things go.
  15. Booga, did you hear from the guy again? This is like a story & I'm waiting for your final chapter. Let us know what happens!