I'm in a Patent Lather: Mia Maggie and Ashley

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  1. I had one bad experience with ordering bags sight unseen, so I try to use some self-control. I love Sabrinas, and knew I wanted to see and try out the outlet Ashleys when they came out. Did not expect to be able to take advantage of the online sale, but I could and got the large Ashley in Cobalt patent.

    I wanted to love the crimson Sophia but it was not meant to be. Still eternally questing for a red bag led me to peruse the website last week when it was updated. There I found the Mia Maggie in cranberry and ordered it for PCE again, sight unseen.

    One came yesterday, one today and gosh am I happy!!

    The patents are virtually identical--both are the crinkle patent of the original Sabrinas.

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  2. The cranberry is stunning---deep dark red---not purpley or pinkish at all. The Cobalt is a bit lighter than the Cobalt of the original Sabrinas, but still dark like a royal blue.

    For reference, I am 5'5".

    Sorry for the dark photos--quite the overcast day here. Both bags are empty in the photos. Sorry, not enough time to fill them, eat dinner and get ready to go to work.

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  3. Congrats on your purchases! I love them both, but I think I love the cranberry a bit more. I'm so glad to finally see pics-thank you for posting! Enjoy them both!!
  4. Is Ashley like a Large or a Small Sabrina?

    And what is the price?

    She is very nice.
  5. Lush Fall colors!
  6. Do you have pictures of the ashley? I have the bonnie ashley but I didn't know it came in other colors? Besides python and camel.
  7. ^^This Ashley is the equivalent of the large Sabrina. The price is about $229--they offered 20% off during the online sale and it came to about $185 (more or less)
    This Ashley is nothing like the original bag by that name. This bag is meant to be the factory version of the Sabrina.
  8. Congrat's, both are pretty bags, enjoy!
  9. beautiful bags, Roro -- especially luuuuuuuuuv that deep cranberry on the Mia Maggie!
  10. Roro, thank you for the review of your Ashley. I couldn't buy during the online sale, so I'm waiting for them to hit my outlet! Was hoping someone would do a reveal! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. i love your mia maggie! now i can't wait for mine to come in =)
  12. I love your ashley. I can't wait to check it out in person when it hits the outlets.
  13. Thanks for posting. I'm so excited for my cranberry maggie to come in, I've been carrying my colbalt maggie around because I can't wait for the patent leather goodness!
  14. That cranberry Mia is TDF!! :nuts:
  15. LOVE the cobalt