I'm in a Moral Dilema

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  1. Hello, I am already a member but set up this id because I am going to post about something that I do not want this person to know who it is that is posting if they were to see this thread. She is also an active PF member.

    Here is my situation I know a girl we are not good friends, but are on friendly terms, she told me that she has fake LV bags. I of course don't agree with the whole fake thing for many reasons, however it is on her conscious not mine. Then she decided to confide even further with me. She tells me she has been & is still selling the fake LV's as authentic on eBay. :wtf: The worse part of this is I started to look at her listings & several of them have been authenticated here on the LV authentic this LV thread, as real. These bags are selling for A BUNCH of money. Also she is endorsed by My Poupette. Her feedback is 100% & everyone that purchased a bag gives her rave reviews. :confused1:

    My dilema is, should I report her to eBay or not? My insticts say yes but I don't know what to do...Her reasoning is that she is a poor college student & that it is helping her to pay for her education. I feel for her been there myself but right is right & WRONG is WRONG....right????

    HELP any suggestions would be appreciated !!!!!
  2. wow, yes you need to report her! That's not right! And I also think you should say who this person especially since you said the bags are being authenticated here.
  3. Are you saying she is MPRS???? A college student??? And what do you think would reporting to eBay would do??? People report fake sellers week after week, and ebay does nothing.

    I find this a bit strange....
  4. I dont want this to get out of hand but you need to tell people who this is. People deserve to know who she is and what she is Really selling. If these have been authenticated on the LV authenticate this thread as Authentic then they must be VERY good fakes and people are being lied to.
    PM me if you need to.
  5. also just to add - So what if she is a poor college student (I dont mean to sound rude) But people are paying big money for autentic LV bags and they may be getting fakes...this isnt right.
  6. I'm sorry I don't know what MPRS is..:confused1:. Do you mean my poupette seller, if that is your question then the answer is, yes she is.

    I too find it strange. It is very hard to be in this situation. I am not one to try to get people in trouble but then again I would not want to be spending my hard earned money for something that was not what it was supposed to be.
  7. Yes MPRS is my poupette recommended seller. Be careful with what you do...people can get nasty.
  8. I don't think she needs to be publiicly humiliated (ie I don't need to know who she is) but she does need to be reported to ebay, my poupette, and the leaders of this forum. she is not a member in good standing of any of tehse communities. She is scamming innocent people and needs to be stopped. Its one think if someone knowingly decides to purchase a fake but for poor unfortunate folks to spend money on something that is not or wrong. She is also potentially damaging the good names of ebay, my poupette, and TPF and shoud therefor not be permitted to be active in these communities (at least ebay and mp).
  9. I think you should tell people who she is, who knows how many fake bags people have bought from her and members of this forum who have bought from her ??. If her name is kept under wraps, how will people know if their bag is fake or not ??

  10. I know that is the worst part. If I tell on her, so to speak, I would prefer to do it openly & let her know I am going to if she doesn't return peoples money & make good on her wrongs, but I doubt she will do it & then it will solely be my word against hers. I also have to worry with my reputation. I am an ebay seller as well(not LV) but I sell high end bags that are my own & when I'm tired of them or want to buy a new one. I am really torn about this. YES I want to do something but can I withstand the backlash? :sad::confused1::sad:
  11. Just be careful, she may know who you are from this thread. Does she have your ebay ID ??.
  12. But by being quite about this, you are helping her continue doing this. It's liek you are smewhat also responsible you know. I think you should tell the mods here who this person is, because you can not have someone like that on this board! Also you need to contact My Poupette and tell them.
  13. and you have all of our support :smile:
  14. I think this info needs to be disclosed. If you don't mind, could you please pm me their ebay id? I would like to follow up on this and check a few of his/her auctions. Thank you.

  15. Wonderful...thats what I need right now. I am going to keep reading for a bit & I will pm you when I get my information all together so I can send to you. OK?
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