I'm in a jam again...pls help

  1. Hey guys..so many of you know my next planned purchase is the Lockit Horizontal for my last year in school but now looking at the wonderful pics in the Visual Aids Thread (damn, I love that thread..GENIUS!) I am falling in love with the Manhattan PM. I can only buy one for 2007 (as of now...:graucho: ) so please help me choose..here are my pros and cons of each

    Lockit Horizontal
    *I can use it for school and then to work also
    *will fit my everyday "purse" stuff (cell/agenda/wallet/mp3 player etc) and my lunch (1-2 containers and bottle of water)
    *very chic looking
    *my first LV shoulder bag

    *i don't know if it will fit over my winter jacket (I did try this on at the store but I was wearing a light jacket at the time..don't think it will fit over my parka)..if it doesn't fit when I use my parka, I don't want it.
    * lots of vachetta
    *I'm not sure if it will fit my 15.5" laptop
    *I feel kinda self-conscious cuz it might be too "loud" since it's a bigger bag compared to my 35..and when carried it's more at eye level whereas my speedy is lower and not too attracting, KWIM??

    Manhattan PM
    *very chik also
    *can use for casual - school or work as well as business meetings (when I have them)
    *not as much vachetta
    * not too loud cuz it's still small'ish

    *will only fit my purse stuff, probably not my lunch.but i have yet to research that in the inside my LV thread. BUT if I can fit a bottle of water in there, that is OKAY with me...I will take it!

    I was also thinking that the Manhattan PM will be another hand-held for me, but since it is smaller it will be easier to handle. As well I am having shoulder probs like I can't carry shoulder bags for a long period of time and my bags always end up on the crook of my arm anyway.

    so please help me...i'm having a dilemma..
  2. I think you should go for the Manhattan PM. It's a great bag, and you can actually get quite a bit in there!

  3. I would go for the lock it, but then again, I am a big bag girl...so that's always going to be my choice.
  4. Oh yeah..I forgot to mention a con for the LH is that all my stuff will just be floating around again..not very organized...the pursket thing isn't working for me, I'm using it on my speedy 35 and I hate it LOL.

    eek..1 for 1. Thanks CoutureChiQ and twinkle.tink
  5. My vote it towards the Lockit...
  6. I vote for LH, love the simple design on it & roomy. I do love MJ blake bag, but the bulky hardware with monogram canvas is a bit too much for me. JMO!
  7. between the two, i prefer the manhattan pm!
  8. i like the manhattan pm more.
  9. Manhattan PM!
  10. i like the manhattan pm more. but i'm a smaller bag kind of gal. good luck on your decision :smile:
  11. LOL @ Parka!

    Well I don't like the Manhattan...so LH!
  12. Lockit H! But I would suggest Salyea GM if you are looking for a school bag, or Damier Geant Cougar :devil:
  13. I like the Manhattan PM way more.
  14. If you already have a handheld, then I say go for the lockit!
  15. LH!! The manhattan PM is too small IMO, like the GM better.

    The LH can definitely fit over shoulder even with the winter coat!!!