I'm in a girlie mood...Post pics of your pink/lilac bags!

  1. Helloooo!

    Spring is oficially here... I need/want a girlie bag!:p

    I'm especially interested in lilac 03,04,06 comparison pics! But any eye candy will do! Thank you all lovely balenciaga girls!:heart:
  2. o6 Lilac First:

    06 Pale Pink Shoulder:
  3. so pretty, peachyO! :love:

    come on ladies, post more pics! :girlsigh::drool::graucho:
  4. OOooh... we're in a girlie mood too. My little girl Faith had her 4th Birthday today and week had a pink and purple explosion! I would love to see everyone's pink and lilac, especially a lilac work. Post pics wearing them too! TIA
  5. I love lilac 06!
  6. I love to see pics....those colors are pretty....feels like spring is here....:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. bump! noone has pics of girlie colors?
  8. I wish I had a Lilac of my own so I could post pictures. Maybe someday....

    Lilac 06 is TDF!
  9. there is a thread called "Show Your Pinks" - it should make you really happy!
  10. ^ LOL! thanks! :smile:
  11. Here's my girlie goodies!!!!!!!

  12. Here are my 06 Lilac work and pale rose day

  13. Zac, you are KILLING me with that clutch! WOW!:nuts:
  14. :drool::shocked::girlsigh: with all the bags posted!
  15. I love pinks & purples, congrats all. Looking forward to more pics. I would love a bubblegum Work!