I'm in a blue frame of mind!!!

  1. Now that Thalassa is back, I am curious to know which blue is everyone's favorite! :heart:

    Blue Jean
    Bleu Brighton
    Bleu Sapphire
    Bleu Roi

    Obviously, I may have missed a few blues in the list, so please do not think this list is all inclusive!

    Pics of course always makes these types of threads more fun! So please, share pics to entice everyone with your favorite shade of blue!
  2. i've always loved light blue so i'm a huge fan of blue jean. very young and hip and perfect pop of color. i'm starting to like thalassa also b/c it's just a couple of shades away, and i can see it going so well with denim.
  3. Thalassa. Glad to see it come back.
  4. Thalassa... I fell in love with it right after it got discontinued... I am very happy to see its return.
  5. brighton blue. I have a 30cm brighton blue and love love love it.
  6. Bleu sapphir or bleu roi--love the jewel tones in something small, like a 28 kelly, or a clutch or wallet.
  7. wow! didn't realize there were so many H blues!! for me, it depends on the leather i suppose. like i would go gaga over bleu roi or BJ in croc! but i have BJ in togo and i love it too! i can't wait to see moviegirl's thalassa in epsom! i've seen turquoise in ostrich and it's TDF! and navy is just classic in box with GH! ugh...so many choices!!
  8. well I have brighton and love that color - but I'm sure thalassa and bleu roi would be equally beautiful! I'm a blue girl all the way...you can't go wrong!
  9. Of all the H blues Ive seen here at PF....I like brighton blue
  10. This is an easy one for me: Bleu Saphir (shown in Fjord)! Followed very closely by Turquoise in Swift. Vibrant blues work best on me.


    For reference here is a photo of Bleu Roi in CDC. The new Brighton Blue is not too far off from it (has a bit more purple in it).

    CIMG1021.jpg CIMG0886.jpg
  11. Orchids...oh so pretty!!! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Stunning blues!!
  13. I love the Bleu Saphir
  14. Thalassa blue in box and Turquoise in swift
  15. I happened to have this comparison shot on my computer: Blue Jean and Brighton Blue - both Clemence.

    These are my 2 favorites - Brighton in first place for its versatility and rich depth, Blue Jean because it's fun and casual.

    I adore Blue Sapphire as well (orchid's Fjord is droolworthy:heart:) but have put it out of my mind since it's not around right now and I've never been a fan of Thallasa or Blue Roi at all because of their undertones. And I love Turquoise, but thus far have only seen it in Swift and Chevre and neither one has knocked my socks off.