im in a bit of a pickle....


Jan 8, 2006

for those people who remember me talking about being broke because i bought 2 U2 tickets and that im going to the States at the end of the year... well... I seriously thought i could solve this problem on my own BUT i can't! You all have helped me so much already i thought i'd throw this at ya!

For those who are or aren't U2 fans - they've postponded their last 10 concerts due to a family illness! I was suppose to be at U2 this St Patricks Day but its a no go :sad2: therefore, i was like, "crap - i'll get a refund" but now they're saying (U2 is saying) that they'll be back down under in November!

BUT November is when I'm starting my 2 - 3 month trek around the States and back to Canada (again) hehe! And I'm suppose to leave New Zealand on November 6 and I've already put a deposit down for a tour and i cant get a refund on that... So, if U2 come back in November I might not even be in the country therefore my tickets will be wasted (but my manager is like willing to buy them off me so her kids can go too) BUT.... i'm travelling with a friend - this is the catch - she has never been out of the country by herself and shes like really excitied etc.... i know we both have been planning this for ages and ages but im just so scared to say - can we put this on hold until U2 release their dates on when they come..... I think she's a reasonable person and will understand whats happened but its just the fact that shes totally excitied and she cant wait to go on this massive trip with me.....

what should i do???? sell my U2 tickets and travel on the day im suppose to leave? or push my travel dates back????

ekekekek... am i making a mole hill into a mountain???? someone please kick some reason into me!


You have got to sell the tickets, unfortunately. The trip is more of a big deal than seeing U2 (huge fan, by the way). You can always see U2, (I don't think they'll retire anytime soon), but, you have made a commitment to your friend and if your word means anything you will keep it. I'm sure she has made sacrifices and commitments of her own to people regarding this long planned trip, and to make her change them so that you can go to a concert puts you in very bad light. As a good friend she might understand your situation, but I think she might also question how much obligation you have towards your friendship to her. Do the right thing, and sell the tickets!
Try to sell the tix. U2 will be back someday. If you can't sell them to someone you know maybe try a ticket broker. Good luck in your decision. Your trip with your friend is worth the sacrifice! You will have a great time.
Since your manager is willing to buy the ticket off from you, why don't you wait until U2 release the date to decide?

I do agree the excitment traveling with a friend is beyond measurable...and I wouldn't trade it with anything else!
I agree with the majority and think you should sell the tickets. A big trip like yours is an adventure, and you have made a commitment to your friend. There will be other opportunities to go to concerts. I honestly think your trip is a much more important event (no matter how big U2-fan you might be, they will come back!)

Good luck with your decision!
Sell the tickets and go on the trip. Not only will U2 be back some day, but you might not get another opportunity to do a great thing with your friend.

Despite her being reasonable, I don't think she'd really be very understanding about cancelling a big trip for the sake of a concert. Plus you have the opportunity of getting your moeny back on the tickets.
U2 will go on tour again, Helen! I know how you feel, I love going to concerts, and I'm sure the show would rock :nuts: But they'll be back on tour. You made plans with your friend, stick to them. You'll be having so much fun on your trip, you'll practically forget about the concert :amuse: And, you have someone to sell them to, even better!
I agree with should sell your tickets and go on your trip. I think a concert is a great experience, but the memories of your trip with your friend will last a lot longer. I'm sure U2 will come around again, but this trip might not. Let us know what you decide!
I, too, agree with everyone ... gotta do the right thing here even if it means missing U2. Hopefully, you'll have another opportunity to see them. Also, you might want to check out their concert schedule. Maybe the two of you can see them while you're in the States. You never know. Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too!