I'm Impatient

  1. Does anyone know exactly when Act II will begin to hit the stores? I have the money and it is about to burn a hole in my pocket but I am so excited to get my purse
  2. My gal from NM says middle-ish of march.....I'm pretty excited, too!
  3. Cdaizybug - what bag are you going to get????
  4. I've seen some pieces from Act II trickling in...hehe..it won't be long now! But I agree, waiting is painful!
  5. I have wl for the denim coco cabas and the naked bag. Most likely I will not get the naked bag because a. I am 5th on the list and the store is getting 3 and b. it's a lot of money for an impractical purse. However, I am so excited about the denim coco cabas. I have been playing my clothing purchases around this purse. LoL
  6. I understand the feeling! I have my Saks rewards card that is also burning a hole in my pocket, but I am a step behind you as I still haven't decided what I want to get! I thought a black GST with silver hardware. . . but now I am not so sure . . .
  7. oh the denim cabas sounds niiice!
  8. Heck, I'm still waiting for my blue Cotton Club tote from ACT I! I know the feeling of impatience, as Nordstrom is always the last to receive shipments of new collections, and I buy my Chanel bags exclusively through Nordstrom.
  9. OOH!I cant wait for the denim Cabas tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They said end of march/april for delivery..who knows...!
  10. I am very impatiently waiting for the Rock and Chain. Who knows if I will get it, but I want to try it at home, now!
  11. daizy i so relate! i am bugging my 2 waitlisted-for-denim-Cabas stores, constantly
    I know the SAs so well there from constant inquiries, that one of their granddaughters may even be named after me :yes: :nuts:

    late march - early April for the denim CC? can't wait that long....may as well be midsummer
    can we do a petition or something? teehee

    and btw if you change your mind about the Naked, Saks in Boca is getting in about 12-15
    just for your info.................... ;)
  12. Oh thanks...you know that's a big difference with my store getting 3 and yours getting 12-15. I wonder how do they set the number of purses to be sent to the store. Sheesh I will just pass out if I have to wait until April. That means I have to get through the whole month of March.
  13. This is what I was told too for when the new shipments are coming in.
  14. :idea: is there a therapist for Impatient Chanel Wait-ees?

    maybe she could do a couple of group sessions...and get us through it :p