I'm I the only one.......

  1. who doesn't like the Chloe Edith?
    I never really liked the purse when I saw it in print. Then when I saw it in store it just looked like a wrinkly, old, men's briefcase.
    I hope no ones mad. I just don't understand the hype for this purse.
  2. LOL... I knew what this post would say even before I opened it. You are definitely not the only one. I succombed to the ads and the pic that NAP has of the mannequin modeling her. She IS an old wrinkly men's briefcase but the cuteness comes in when you pair her with a really cute casual outfit. She doesn't suit everyone, but I think she really has her good moments. And I find the bag really nice to carry.
  3. I think it's cute but never got to the drooling stage. ;)
  4. I *like* it! it's not something I'd ever buy, but I like it okay!
  5. Edith is definitely one of those bags you either love or you hate. I agree with Daisy that it has to be paired with fun, casual outfits so it doesn't look stuffy. I love wearing Edith with distressed jeans, simple tops and sweaters, funky belts and cowboy boots.
  6. I do not seem to be "Edith-material", but like how some have "styled" her... But I do agree with you, from the ads...was not impressed...
  7. i must agree - i wasnt keen on the Edith when i first saw it in pics but now its totally growing on me!
  8. The thing about this bag that I don't get is that it is so vintage looking and so 'old school' in a way that I don't get how it's an It bag. I mean, I think you could go down to a local consignment store and find an old vintage briefcase that has loads of character and carry it with the same panache of the Edith, the same 'retro chic' quality with a tenth of the price tag. I think it's very expensive for what it is and the image it conjours up in people.
  9. I bought it and returned it. I loved it, but it didn't love me. It was not mommie friendly! Oh well...
  10. Couldn't of said it better myself!
  11. i don't like it at all. not one bit. so i'm with you here!
  12. It's a very expensive old-looking briefcase. I'm sure she has plenty of good points and is well-made, gorgeous leather, etc. Just not for me. I would like a little more ooomph! to my bags before I whip out plastic for it.
  13. Hmm, I didn't like it at all until 2 days ago when I saw a woman carrying one...now it's all I can think about (and I've been Chloe immune all this time).
  14. I'm not a fan either.. :shame:
  15. Me neither. Not my style at all.