I'm hoping you ladies can help me out!

  1. I haven't been around in FOREVER and I'm missed you girls so much! I've actually been pretty busy with school and just graduated about a week and a half ago. I now have my first job (starting January 7th), and would like to get myself a nice tote to carry my laptop, etc.

    I was really thinking on something black but last night my aunt gave me this gorgeous scarf that I would love to tie onto a tote:




    I'm really liking the Ergo Belted Magazine Tote. What do you girls think? Brown? Or maybe plum? Any other totes you would suggest, new or old? I'm looking for something under 350, which is pretty hard to find in regards to totes but I think it's doable. Give me your input!
  2. I love the brown but wonder how this would look on a parchment bag too? It's a beautiful scarf!
  3. ^^^It would probably look amazing on a parchment bag!! I'd love to try parchment but I'm just too afraid I'd dirty it.
  4. hey lauren! long time no see!!

    It was really nice of your aunt to get you a scarf and all, and i hate to break it to you but think that scarf is fake :sad:
  5. ^^ Awww. Perhaps a PM with an explanation about why you feel this way would be helpful, kat.
  6. Sorry to break it to you. But that is a fake scarf.
  7. yea i PM'ed her
  8. Yeah, I kinda had an inkling it was fake since that aunt does NOT like me....I figured if I posted on here you guys would tell me whether or not it was. I sort of wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Don't know why...LOL thanks guys for proving me right!!
  9. I'm glad you suspected! I was feeling so bad for you! LOL!! That's pretty rotten of her to give you a fake. It'd be better to get nothing. Oh, well. What comes around goes around!
  10. Yeah, as I was sitting in the car last night looking at it, the thought crossed my mind but I pushed it aside because she OWNS COACH. So I figured nah, she owns her own stuff so she definitely wouldn't get anything fake for me. She probably went onto eBay and didn't realize that there are fakes on there. My mom says to stop saying that, because the woman is pure evil and probably purposely got me a fake but oh well, it's Christmas and I don't want to be negative. It was cute too!! Damn her!
  11. You should just regift it to your aunt when it comes time for her birthday or something...

    Even your mom says she's evil? Is she her sister or your dads?
  12. Well sorry about the fake :sad: But as far as bags go, how about a Hamptons business tote?

  13. She's my mom's brother's wife. Total wench...and we had a HUGE falling out about a year ago so I was kind of peeved that she had me for Polyanna to begin with. I think it's just going to sit in my closet and collect dust.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about the scarf and the mean ol' aunt, but it sounds like you're handling it maturely, which says a great deal.

    I think the magazine tote in plum would be really gorgeous and versatile--would go with a lot of your work wardrobe but wouldn't be the standard issue brown bag..

    And maybe pick yourself up a nice scarf?:tup:
  15. Sorry, that does stink.:push:
    You can still get the tote though, right?:smile:
    Oh, and I vote for large Ergo tote; doable for under $350 if you're close to an outlet.