i'm hoping robert duffy is just being thrifty...

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  1. from fashionista.com.

    Marc Jacobs Show Downsized

    Feb 02, 2009 @ 9:35am


    Because so many publications are cutting back on sending editors overseas to Fashion Week, plenty of people thought attendance at the shows would still be great because people who just couldn’t make the list last time would get bumped up, and all the seats at the shows would remain filled, but maybe with slightly different people.
    But not so for the Marc Jacobs show, where the normal guest list of 2,000 has been cut down to just 700.
    In fact, according to Robert Duffy, there will only be “one or two celebrities” (the Marc show usually attracts a front row that reads like a Golden Globes nominees list) and no entourages (guess that cancels out JLo).
    The first of the Marc Fall 09 cut backs was the cancellation of the after-party, mourned by many but totally understood.
    But cutting back on the show’s set, too? We just hope all the saved money’s going towards the clothes.

    no holiday party, no after party, bleecker street boutique reshuffling, and now smaller fashion show. :hrmm:
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    this is big news. from nymag.com.

    Marc Jacobs to Cut Fashion-Show Guest List by 1,300

    2/2/09 at 9:45 AM 00Comment 00Comments

    [​IMG] Nice knowing the half of you in the back there.Photo: Patrick McMullan

    A couple of weeks ago we learned Marc Jacobs canceled his Fashion Week after-party, which we've come to think of as the biannual reincarnation of fabulous, so it's not surprising to learn those cutbacks will carry over to the runway show as well. The number of invitees has been cut from 2,000 to 700. Typically, 1,100 sit while 900 stand, but this season only 500 to 700 will sit while 200 will stand, with virtually all of the standing spots this season going to employees. As for celebrities, Jacobs's business partner Robert Duffy said, "There may be one or two."
    Duffy told WWD they're cutting the list to save money, because he'd rather cut back there than lay off employees. Jacobs is showing in his usual spot, the 69th Regiment Armory, because it was booked a year ago and Duffy doesn't want to pay a cancellation fee.
    "This isn't the time to spend the money to entertain the entire world…. Everybody thinks it costs the same money to entertain 500 people as opposed to 2,000 [when you've got the space]," Duffy continued. "It doesn't. All those 2,000 people still need to be seated, they still need to check in, this one needs this, that one needs that, and you know what? It's very costly."​
    Just think of how many security details are needed to save Posh Spice from asphyxiation in the photographer crush. And the number of burlies to guard the extra seat Kanye West needs for his ego — er, monogramoflauge Louis Vuitton bag. Duffy also plans to trim crowd fat by not allowing invitees to bring special guests. For example, editors can't bring their husbands and kids this season, which should be policy going forward, because nothing seems more wrong or unfair than a Hannah Montana fan in the third row of the Marc Jacobs show. Except, maybe, Miley Cyrus in the front row — God forbid we see the day.
    Hopefully this will be a temporary adjustment, and Marc Jacobs can go back to entertaining the entire world for a night in future seasons. "I'm not saying it's not going to go back to that, but right now, during this economic environment, it would seem ostentatious for us to continue doing the same thing," Duffy said. "[The feeling is] just have the people that need to be there be there and look at the clothes." Kevin Federlines of the world, your time is up.
  3. i am actually glad about this. even if the economy wasnt in shambles, i find the massive celebrity presence at shows to almost cheapen the show and take away from the clothes, which should be first and foremost. hopefully this allows the fashion show to be about what it was intended to be: the designs.
  4. I agree with Jun3...I'm sick and tired of hearing about the celebs that went to see the show and what they think instead of focusing on the clothes.

    Plus, what do most celebs know anyway? They use stylists!

    Oooh..that was mean...I guess I'm just grumpy from work. x.x
  5. Well I love the celeb presence.:P I'm bummed to read about this!
  6. I love celeb presence too BUT I am glad to hear that Duffy would rather cut back than lay people off. God knows we don't need any more unemployed souls. I'm really happy that he'd rather cut the show down to the "necessities" instead of having the "nice-to-haves" than having to put 3,000 employees out of work.

    This really makes me love MJ more than I already do :heart:.
  7. ^^Oh yeah, you're so right Xi. Sounds like the appropriate decision. :tup:
  8. ITA!
    Also, I'm hoping that they are just being really responsible in a public and private way. I know a lot of companies are trying really hard to commit themselves to not laying off employees, and part of that results in massive budget cutbacks in areas that are $$ black holes. I think they are thinking about things like the parties and the extra people at the shows as fun but not necessary, and perhaps downright obscene in the face of economic turmoil.

    Not that its the same at all, but my place of work is usually very generous with parties, budgets, etc., but they have made a commitment to not lay anyone off and so the extra $$ is all coming from those "fatty places" that can be spared. I know I would rather all my colleagues keep their jobs rather than just a few of us have catered dinners every few months.JMO.
  9. he's a good president that's for sure. it's obvious he cares about his employees. the sa's at the mercer st store says he leaves his dogs downstairs with them, visits often, and gives them free bags on their birthdays. he always makes sure they're invited to the parties and are allowed into the fashion shows. i wouldn't be surprised if it was his idea to have the spring 09 bags be named after the shopgirls. he sounds like a great boss to work for. i'd prefer the company cuts back where they can as well rather than go the way of chanel and have to lay people off.