I'm hooked!

  1. I used to love LV, but now I'm ignoring them (:crybaby:) for my obsession for Chanel!

    I have the Medallion tote and a white caviar East/West! YUUUM. :drool: At first, I didn't like the East/West, but when I saw it in real life, I fell in LOVE right away. :heart: It's so much prettier in person!!


  2. BTW, what I'm really obsessed over is a purple east/west. Where are you dream bag?!!!
  3. Love the east/west! I'm currently coveting this same bag in black with silver h/w.
  4. I love purple classic, its kinda on my wish list!! I hope i can find medium or jumbo in caviar.......*dreaming
  5. Gorgeous!! :yes:
  6. Gorg! Lucky girl you! I love those bags as well!
  7. Beautiful bags...
  8. Nice bags! I love the tote!!! :smile:
  9. lovely bags!~ really like the e/w bag!
  10. Beautiful bags, congrats Sina. =)
    Medallion Tote is my next Chanel bag, I also would like to have a classic flap in purple. =)
  11. Stunning bags! I'm an LV Chanel girl too.
  12. Sina, both are GORGEOUS, congrats! :yahoo:
    I do own that E/W myself in black lambskin. It's such a cute and lightweight bag :heart: , enjoy it.

    Now that I've seen your gorgeous white one, I want it also.....this instant....immediately......now!!
    Oh and in purple also :nuts:
  13. Gorgeous bags, I'm so envious!
  14. I too, came to the darkside!
    I betrayed vuitton and jumped on the chanel wagon!

    finding a purple now will cost you a premium, they are not to be found in stores and only on eBay or consigners :sad:
    I so want a med caviar or E/W in purple....even though I have a jumbo, I want a smaller purple..jumbo reminds me of barney.
  15. personalshoppers had a purple east/west a few weeks ago and it was well over retail.
    It was gorgeous though.
    The only LV that I use is my Batignolles Horizontal. I'm already on the prowl for a Chanel tote though...