I'm Hooked

  1. It is amazing. Only after a week of waiting the SA that I had contacted called me back with good news. She had the bag I was looking for. I was in shock! I thought it was a sick joke . . . surely I would have to wait longer than one week to get a Birkin bag. I am sooo thankful. My Birkin arrived on Tuesday . . . I am hooked . . . one will not do! I am officially a junkie! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and sharing their knowledge.
  2. Congrats and pictures please :smile:!
  3. congratulations~~~~~
  4. Congrats, and pics please so we can all drool over your new H!
  5. Great news! You are very fortunate, which I'm sure you realize! No need to spill details. I can't wait to drool over your photos.

  6. please give us details and pics
  7. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Hope you post pics!!!
  8. That's it....you're gone.:yes: Once you go down that path there is no turning back! And these things that happen so "unexpectedly" are just meant to be. Congratulations on your first Birkin and enjoy her!
  9. Congrats:yahoo: but we must have photos and details!!! And yes, it is an addicting, allbeit, amazing road!
  10. You are kidding right? You have to give details and some pictures to share. Get back here fast!
  11. Yes, I agree, you've got to be kidding, we badly need some details here:yes:
  12. You are one lucky lady!! Now please feast our eyes with some pics :smile:. Pretty please?
  13. Pictures, pictures, pictures so we all can drool!

  14. As a long-time aspirant (only the last 20 years or so!) and recent acquirer of Hermes, I hate to tell you but you are well and truly lost to the orange cause now . . .I went, in the words of the lovely Hfinn, from 0-2 Birkins in a mere month due entirely to my complete and utter devotion once I received my first darling . . .you must, must, must let us share her in detail!
  15. congratulations!