I'm HOOKED! Just added another piece!

  1. I was just checking eBay and I just got carried away and did a BIN on a Paradiso Campeggio. :yahoo: Initially wanted to limit myself to one bag per print but I just can't let the Campeggio go. The price is really good too! I paid only $159.99, incl. shipping! I have no self restraint when it comes to Tokidokis!

    Just had to share. My shopping binge has really gotten out of hands ... :nogood:
  2. Congrats on ur new bag! Thats a good price for it being shipped, congrats!
  3. Thanks! The seller is very communicative and my bag is going out Tuesday, since Mon's a holiday. I am so in love with the print! Pucca in the front and back!
  4. congrats :biggrin:
  5. congratz! thats a good price :okay:
  6. Aw it would've been only 120 at the outlet
  7. If you meant the SH outlet, they only have it in Fumo. :sad: That's the reason why I bought it on eBay instead.
  8. congrats pinkpeony!! I've had a hard time limiting myself to one bag per print too .. lol

    just to ask .. what is pucca?
  9. Thanks TokidokiAngel! Pucca is actually the name I gave to the character in your avatar! She resembles the real Pucca, reminds me of when she is young and still in diaper.

  10. naming the characters is so much fun!
  11. haha I never thought of a character as pucca... that's cute... where's garu?! :lol:
  12. lol pinkpeony .. i see now! :biggrin: