Im honestly CRYING... my Josefa's dont fit! I need advice & help

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  1. Soooo.... My sis who lives in NYC scored the Josefa Pumps in the silver colour for me on sale (I believe at Barney's).

    My CL shoe size is a size 39. Once I ordered a pair of snakeskin pumps (not too good w names) a size larger (40) and I've done everything to make them fit (they're still uncomfortable).

    So after waiting a good 2+ weeks for my sis to send them and come here through USPS/Canada Post I got them today! Problem being: they seem to fit in regards to size--- but this is hard to explain: I can slide my foot in them but the straps that criscross and rest on your foot don't allow me to stretch it to place my heel down? (Hard to explain)


    My Mom says to go to the cobbler and have an elastic extender put into the strap part (it will be hidden by the flap on the heel)?
  2. Your foot has too much volume for it. I can't wear louboutin cross strap shoes. Your mother had a good idea.
  3. How disappointing :sad: I think i understand what you mean, although i've never seen the josefas in real life, or tried them on. I'm sure that if you're having this issue, someone else here has experienced the same thing and may be able to offer advice. Sounds like it would be worth a trip to the cobbler to see what they can do- they can work miracles! Don't cry! It'll be okay:hugs:
  4. The Josefa look so comfotable though.. So sad it's happening to you.. Hope you can solve it pretty soon !
  5. MissLianne, do you have pics? Definitely try to bring it to the cobbler to see what they can do...
  6. Miss Lianne, I'm so sorry hun..I hope they can work out for you in the end!
  7. oh i'm so sorry! don't cry, your mom is right. cobblers can work miracles. go see what they can do, I'm sure they will have a soloution for you. :hugs:
  8. So sorry! I hope a cobbler can help you. I love those shoes.
  9. Don't cry, take them to the cobbler.. they can work miracles! Cross your fingers and wait
  10. Any updates for us, MissLianne? :sad:
  11. aw so sorry. Try the Leather Spa. You know if you take your shoes to Horatio they have a stretcher there and they would fix that problem for you.
  12. It sounds like you might have a high instep? That means that the top of your foot is taller than the standard shoe size (because of a high arch or whatever) which makes straps or booties or boots that cross across the top of your foot fit a little tight and prevents you from getting your foot into a shoe that fits length-wise and width-wise. If the shoe is leather you can easily stretch it using stretch spray or having the cobbler stretch it or buying a vamp/instep stretcher. If you do have a high instep it might be smart to buy a stretcher because you might have this trouble with other shoes.

    Sorry if I am misunderstanding the trouble you are having - you can always take them to a cobbler and show them where the problem is and they can always suggest a solution. Shoes are malleable things, all is not lost.
  13. Thanks ladies..... I knew I could find a shoulder to cry on here :smile:

    I took them to the cobbler today. The first cobbler refused to touch them!? He said he didn't believe in "stretching" shoes? IDK? Today was my second visit ever to any cobbler?

    The second place I took them too were a great help. They suggested putting a 3/4 inch elastic extender. They said they would do it on the sides near the heel cup part so nobody can see them. I'm kinda sad that they will be slightly altered... But unfortunately I don't have any stores near me that sell Josefa pumps for me to go and try on sizes (we only have Holts and Davids here in Canada with a minimal and basic CL selection).

    Now I need more comforting- has anyone ever had to alter their shoes in any way? I don't know why I'm kinda upset.

    Hopefully this will help... They said give them until next Saturday. Everyone in the shop ohhed and ahhed over my shoes! I showed my grandmother who calls them "Oprah" shoes bc she always sees Oprah wearing them haha

    Hmmm... You know what that sounds what the problem is! Its hard to explain.... Do you think an elastic extender would solve the problem?

    ....Also! Anyone who owns the Josefa pump- has anyone had similar problems?
  14. I don't own them, but only because I haven't been able to find my size! I tried them on and completely understand what you're saying about the fit. The Josefa is not an easy style to get on ... it seems that the opening to put the shoe on is very narrow and you almost have to force your foot into the shoe!

    once they are on, they are super comfy and feel great on the foot. I don't think the elastic will alter the look of the shoe that much, and hopefully they will fit you perfectly once the cobbler works their magic! Good luck!
  15. i'm glad you found a cobbler to fix your problem. hopefully it does in fact get fixed. post pics when you get them back.. good luck!
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