I'm home... with no Rouge Vif City....

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  1. Some of you may have read my thread earlier today about my first b-bag, the TDF Rouge Vif purchase.

    On my way home from my office, i was admiring the bag closely (more like checking for imperfections) and i found the corner of one stud chipped! :wtf: :shocked: How could i have missed it at the store!? And the SA said it was brand new!!! :mad:

    Upon further inspection, I also found that due to the studs pressing against the handles, there is an indent and some darkening in the area... :Push: :sad:

    I then went back to the shop immediately (Bal store is on my way home) to see if they had another one ... but no! :crybaby: it was the last one....

    They had one brand new RV in First though ... Still... i am so bummed... :wondering
  2. Sorry!!! I hope you find another one soon!!
  3. Thanks meemie... I shall wait patiently for one brand new one to pop up on ebay... If not, i'll just get my 07 black and hope for a better red next fall winter....
  4. awww... always sad when you're so excited and then there's disappointment and there's nothing you can do.

    Sounds like you're keeping positive though.. so that's great! Keep it up and I'm sure you'll eventually find what you want!
  5. too bad....i'm sorry.....i hope u find one soon :smile:
  6. Sorry to hear that, hope you will find "the" one...!
  7. Thank you jadecee, e_pinpin & catcat !! I will keep looking for the puurfect one....:girlsigh:
  8. Bummer! you were so excited too!
    The short-term disappointment is better than long-term dissatisfaction with the imperfection. Luckily, mint-condition rouge vifs have been popping up on ebay lately, so I'm sure you'll find your perfect one soon :smile: