I'm home! Recap of my LV purchases from HK and updated collection pic!


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Hi all!

So after being on vacation for well over a month, I am finally back home!! Hong Kong was getting WAY TOO HOT during my last week there and it's good to be back on Canadian soil and breathe in cool, clean and dry Canadian air!

I had to take three different planes to come home (HK to Seoul, Seoul to Vancouver, and then Vancouver to Calgary) and in Vancouver, Air Canada LOST OUR LUGGAGE because they didn't move our luggage from our cancelled flight to our new flight...so it was stuck in Vancouver. Luckily I had all my new LV items on me, so nothing super expensive was in my luggage. (Although, over a thousand dollars in clothes was in there!) They did deliver my boyfriend's and my luggage to my house this morning, so it's all good now and now I just need to get used to Calgary time again.

Anyway, here are all of my purchases from Hong Kong...not many, but I'm glad I was able to meet an LT staff in person to pick up my pink Trapeze PM and to buy the rose inclusion PM bracelet from the boutique! I did have to exchange the sunnies twice because I needed them to fit perfectly and I really couldn't tell until after wearing them for a couple days...


Trapeze PM in pink, Mini Lin Speedy in ebene, Obsession Carré sunnies in grey, Monogram mini pochette, and rose Inclusion bracelet PM!

And now an updated pic of my entire collection after almost 10 months...


Hopefully I'll add what's in my summer purchases list below to my collection by the end of August...! Doubt it, since I'm so darn broke right now, but I should be able to either way by the end of this year! :wlae: