I'm home and I'm a nervous wreck!


Sep 21, 2006
Never Never Land
Oh India congratulations first on finding a wonderful kelly. Your bag sounds gorgeous and with each use you will love it more! So do as everyone says, transfer you things and use that bag.


May 17, 2006
I hope you post some action shots on Monday. I'm sure you will love her when you see her. No regrets!


May 29, 2007
India, you sound like a very classy, well put together woman and at 64 you deserve to spend an outrageous amount of money on yourself.. Congratulations I am sure that you will LOVE your bag..Please post a pic when you get her.
I agree with Suzie (and all the other posters)! Who else is going to buy it for you? If not now, when? That Kelly sounds TDF. Please post pics when it gets here!


Sep 14, 2006
Dear Ms. India:

Regrats, SURE still have it from time to time; I buy spontaneous all the time...

If you can afford it, GET IT because life is too short and pamper/spoil yourself once in a while is GOOD for your health and IMPORTANT!!!

CONGRAT and MUST see the in-action picture when you have it....


May 29, 2007
Ha ha, the opening of Morganng's post reminded me of the Frank Sinatra song:

Regrets? I've had a few,
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

dah dah de dah
and did it MY WAY!!

go for it Ms. India! You're doing it your way!


Sep 7, 2006
India, I understand it's a big purchase and I can see it would give you some anxiety, but your Kelly really sounds absolutely gorgeous and functional. When the Kelly arrives, don't be afraid. Show her who is the boss. Put her to use. I wear my Kellys everywhere and with everything, and you can, too. Eventually, the price per wear will be so little, if you even think of the price any more. I hardly remember how much I paid for each of my Kellys, I only think how beautiful they are when I take them out to wear each day.


Boots and Birkin!
Aug 22, 2006
Near an Hermès, thankfully!
After 2 1/2 hours, I had come to the conclusion that a 32 Kelly is the right bag for me. The SA showed me one that was a sellier in Cacaon Coromandel Supple with gold hardware. I loved it but had also really loved a slightly larger chocolate one that was in the window that was a retourne, but it had Palladium hardware which is just not me. I also discovered that it was a bit more difficult to get into the softer bag - it took two hands. I just wasn't ready to make a decision so I asked my SA if she could hold it for me till later that afternoon so I could think about it. She ran an impression of my credit card and said she would.
India, I believe I saw this bag when I was at the Wall St. boutique a few weekends ago. And, if it's the same, it's STUNNING! :drool: I don't think you are going to regret it once it's in your hands!!

I don't own a Birkin or Kelly yet, and I still have those tremors of anticipation/regret (hoping to get one in 2008). It's a lot of money for a handbag...but when I think about the craftsmanship, it's long life, etc. it seems to make more sense then plunking down $1000 every year for a new bag that isn't a classic!

Best of luck!! Please be sure to share pictures. :yahoo: