I'm home and I'm a nervous wreck!

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  1. I got home late this evening from 4 days in NYC/CT. I flew in early Tues morning, and after dropping off my luggage at my son's office mid-town, I headed down to the Wall Street Hermes store.

    I was fortunate to get an absolutely lovely SA who was willing to spend a great deal of time with me. I was also fortunate that there were several styles that I had been considering and had not yet seen IRL so I could try them on.

    After 2 1/2 hours, I had come to the conclusion that a 32 Kelly is the right bag for me. The SA showed me one that was a sellier in Cacaon Coromandel Supple with gold hardware. I loved it but had also really loved a slightly larger chocolate one that was in the window that was a retourne, but it had Palladium hardware which is just not me. I also discovered that it was a bit more difficult to get into the softer bag - it took two hands. I just wasn't ready to make a decision so I asked my SA if she could hold it for me till later that afternoon so I could think about it. She ran an impression of my credit card and said she would.

    I then went uptown to the Madison Ave store. It was mobbed and the SA that helped me was polite but clearly not about to spend much time with me. She had no Kelly's to show me. I did see a Bolide there in Verte Anis (sp?) that was gorgeous. If I were a multiple Hermes owner, I might well choose that one as a second bag - would be great with the colors I wear in the spring/summer.

    I went from there to a great handbag shop on E 65th that specializes in exotics. They had some gorgeous bags but they are not inexpensive (even if much less than Hermes exotics), but I realized that this could never be an "everyday" bag due to the risk of water damage (it was misting off and on all that day!).

    From there, I went to Lederer to see their version of a Kelly. I had bought my daughter their version of the Birkin in Oct and it is a stunning bag and she adores it. I must have spent 1 1/2 hours there trying on innumerable bags in various styles and leathers. I quickly discovered that while their version of the Birkin is a wonderful purchase (but not for me - too heavy and I need a shoulder strap), their Kelly is stiff and the handle and shoulder strap "fight" with one another for space. I ended up buying a shoulder bag that is "inspired by" Constance that will make a great bag for me when I need to keep my hands free and not worry about a strap sliding off my shoulder.

    While there, I decided that I was just not ready to plunk down $7100 for a handbag. I called my SA and thanked her for all her help and for holding the bag but told her I was going to pass at this time. She was very gracious but suggested that she keep that credit card slip that she had run, just in case I changed my mind. I agreed.

    I felt very comfortable with my decision until about 6 AM the next morning!!!! I woke up and started thinking about how beautiful that bag was and how near-perfect it was for me. I LOVE the color and the leather - it has a richness and luster that makes it just "glow". I knew that I had not seen either color of leather mentioned much on this forum, as well. I know that since I live in a city with no Hermes and only get to NYC a couple of times a year, I might have had a LONG wait. Yes, Chicago is close (5 hours), but they do not allow phone orders.

    When I got up a few hours later, I just kept thinking about that bag!!!! If it had been a retourne, I think I would have bought it immediately (retourne is significantly less expensive than sellier). It was just SO much money! But I kept thinking and thinking, and an hour later, I went upstairs at my son's house and called my SA and asked her if it was still there. It was, and I said, "Send it"!!!!

    I was very comfortable with this decision until Thanksgiving morning and now I'm scared to death! It will arrive Monday. I'm terrified that I won't like it as much as I did on Tues. I'm terrified that I'll regret that I didn't wait until the totally "perfect" bag showed up. I'm scared that I'll be terrified to actually carry such an expensive bag, and if I don't carry it often, I cannot justify spending that much money. I'm a widow and my social life is much more limited than it once was. I have a lot more when I'm on the Vineyard in the summer, but that Kelly is definitely NOT a Vineyard bag!

    I know that if I truly regret this purchase, I can always re-sell the bag, but that is not what I want to do.

    Have any of you been terrified between the time of your purchase and when it arrived? Help me here, ladies! It's going to be a LONG next two days!!!!
  2. I don't mean to laugh but I think we've ALL been there at one time or another!
    Honestly--I believe that as long as you have the means to afford it, and you're meeting all your other obligations in life, the cost of the bag is almost irrelevant for one simple fact: NOTHING else can compare.
    I think you made the right decision, and you're going to be an H convert for life now. :love: Welcome to the H side!

    And BTW I am so happy to hear of yet another wonderful experience at the lovely Wall St store.
  3. Good ol' Buyer's Remorse. Been there, too. If it really bothers you, then re-sell it, but I have a feeling that you'll get through it OK.
  4. Yes, I can afford it but it's still a LOT of money! I know it's the "Rolls Royce" of handbags, but I drive an Audi! I really tried to talk myself into the Lederer "Audi-quality" version, but it just wasn't right.

    By the way, I think my children are ready to start commitment proceedings against me - think I've lost my mind. Odd, as they thought it was great when I bought a new sheared mink/chinchilla jacket last year for about the same amount of money.... And my son informed me that his Vineyard rental for next summer will be $7000 a week!!!! I rent a place for 1/3rd that amount!!! Ah, children.....
  5. If it makes you feel any better, think of it like this: there are a lot of Kelly bags out there that are well over 40, even 50 years old and still amazingly beautiful! In fact, often they are as coveted as the brand new Kelly!
    So, it's not like it's a bad investment. :tup:

    Oh and ps, it's none of your children's business what you spend YOUR money on!
    Jeez, though, $28K a month for a Vineyard rental?! And he thinks he has room to talk?! LOL Tell him at least you've bought the East Hampton of handbags. Hahah.
  6. Dear India: We have all been there. I believe in my heart that you slept on it and realized how much you liked it rather than the other way around. You seem fairly practical and thoughtful and clearly you left without it so you are not a terribly impulsive person. My read is it grew on you...........Also--a cocoa sellier chevre kelly is TDF! Not your run of the mill Hermes! Maybe it is a tad more serious and dressy than you would have like but I like to belive its because you need or want that in your life. I am a very casual dresser and I use my accesories to give my wardrobe a lift. I think you will find that this bag gives you a stylistic and mental lift. Hey you might have made a mistake but I really do not think so. Sit tight! I think you will fall in love with it all over again!
  7. Your Kelly must be gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it!!
    Please have no regrets...it's the ultimate bag to have and use it in the best of health and happiness!
  8. I had always thought of the Kelly as a dressier bag, but the color of this one takes it down a notch. And the leather is SO lovely and not at all stiff. My daily uniform in the winter is a pair of khaki's or grey flannel pants with a cashmere turtleneck sweater. I always wear a gold chain and a heavy gold bracelet and gold ring, and I usually am wearing Belgian shoes if the weather is not wet. I like a nice bag to give me a pulled-together look. I was more dressed up when I tried it on Tuesday (nice pants and a stylish jacket with my Hermes plisse scarf tied under the collar), but I wasn't dressed for church.

    I'm just such a researcher when making a major purchase - took me 5 months to decide on my Audi wagon and innumerable test drives. Clearly, when buying an Hermes bag this is not easy, especially if one does not have a local Hermes store to pop in and out of. At age 64, I can't spend the next 5 years trying on bags in NYC twice a year! Heck, I may be dead or in a nursing home by that time!!! I want to get one when I still have plenty of time to enjoy carrying it.
  9. i think you did great! and from the way you describe your style--the bag is PERFECT!
  10. I've never purchased anything as high end as an Hermes Bag and know that I probably will never make such a purchase, however I have made less expensive purchases that created that same exact anxiety. While I'm certain the bag will work for you and be something you'll treasure always, it's nice to know your exotic designer Hermes bag is as good as money in the bank. Should the second guessing get the best of you, you can sell and recoup your investment! Enjoy.
  11. I'm always terrified if my husband may be home to receive it:lecture:
  12. Well, as a widow I don't have that problem! I must say I have wondered what my DH would have thought about this purchase. I'm sure he would have preferred spending it on a trip. I would, too, if he were still here to go with on a trip....
  13. India *hugs*
  14. India, congrats on your new Kelly. It sounds really lovely, I'm sure you will fall in love with her. Please share pics with us when you get her. :flowers:
  15. India, try to hold off worrying at least until you get the bag! When you open that box, you will know instantly if you made the right decision. It sounds like you did. Please be sure to post pictures after you receive it. The Kelly girls on the forum will have tons of suggestions of places to wear your new beauty and different ways to wear her.

    But, yes, I have certainly been there too!