I'm home alone tonight, so here's pics of my Bbags!

  1. I have been meaning to do this for ages now and tonight I have the house to myself woo-hoo! I've cracked a champas and here's my collection :yahoo: (minus my new vert gazon clutch from Spiral :heart: ) I have gone through a few Bbag styles & colours over the years, but these are my hands-down keepers :yes: I am addicted to Rouge Escape Pods too...I hope I haven't overdone it!
    Top4 003.jpg Top4 005.jpg Top4 007.jpg
  2. Wow, great collection! I just love those pods too!! They go so well with all my BBags...I especially love your Rouge Vif!!:heart: :heart:
  3. Nice collection :smile:
  4. OMG :nuts: KDC .... your collection is GORGEOUS :drool: !! I especially LOVE this purse :heart: .... which color is it exactely ? Thank you so much for sharing :flowers:

  5. I love the purse too. I love the pods and I am on the waiting list for the botanical. You have a great collection!!!
  6. your collection is so cute - I love the purse!
  7. great bags, thanks for sharing! love the grey one.
  8. Thanks to all. It's nice to share he he...Yes, my 06 pre-spring Grey Purse is my absolute jewel. I searched high and low for her and now she is LOVED!
  9. Lovely bags!
  10. Great bags, KDC! Thanks for sharing...
  11. Wonderful collection :smile: thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for the great photos. Your gray purse is unbelievably gorgeous!
  13. I love the gray purse! It is one of the best gray bags I have seen....so yummy!
  14. ^^ wow, that rouge VIF courier is TDF!!! :nuts:
  15. Especially love the purse!! What a great collection.