I'm Hermes Enable

  1. Hi ladies! I just wanna say that I am now officially Hermes enabled. After I saw the thread A-T-G of her too cute twilly pics and her cats, I decided to go down to a H store about an hour drive from here. I used to go there a couple of times to see the display but never really interacted with the SAs but this time round it was a nice SA who had a nice french accent and she was nice enough to show me the scarfs and twillys and how to wear some of them. To make a long story short , I purchased a orange limited edition twilly with hermes sydney written on it. It is beautiful and she showed me how to tie it on my tod's handbag and it brightened up the bag instantly. I took some really crappy quality pics of the twilly so I have not upload them on pc yet. Anyway, I am dreaming of going to the H store again to get some more goodies as I want to get some scarfs. I did not get any that day as I had just bought a shawl from LV before going to H store. Now I am sooo lusting for a pretty H scarf. Hehe. :yes:
  2. Oh, I'm glad you had fun at H. It's addicting that's for sure!! Enjoy your new Twilly!!! I'd love to see pics...
  3. Congrats! It only gets worse from here, lol. Be prepared for a lot of spending!
  4. That's great. Is this one of the special editions from the store opening?
  5. Welcome to the Hside!! there is no turning back!!
  6. Yes it is. I guess everyone here is familiar with the twilly with the keys. Mine is orange and they had another in black too. I 'm trying to get better pics of it but my 20 months old baby keep pinching the orange box. I'll try to upload pics by tomorrow.
  7. :whistle:Waiting for the pics????

    Enjoy - there's no turning back now......
  8. Welcome to the ORANGE side! Look forward to seeing your pictures.
  9. Yes, Welcome to the Orange side of things!! When you go in, try to just look at the scarves, it is sooo tempting if you wander over to the jewelry, RTW, and be prepared - the bags.

    Whew I need to go have a tea. Again, good to have you here! :yes: