I'm here 12 hours a day - what's wrong with me???!!

  1. I just realised that I am logged on this site 12 hours a day - from the moment I wake up, to the time I prepare to go to bed. Even if I'm doing something else on the internet, I have tPF logged on in another window. My DH sees this and calls me addicted, obsessed, crazy. Gosh. I'm beginning to see his point. What's wrong with me!!???
  2. I find myself logged on way too long too! Its like staying connected with new friends all day long. I'll sometimes go about my household business and come back and check on new postings. I think its just the sign of the times. We can't spend every minute with our friends IRL but we enjoy having that connection with like minded people?

    short story long, your'e a normal contemporary woman!
  3. I always have the forums that I look at open in a window. I look at them a few times a day. I don't think you are abnormal. :P
  4. I think a lot of us are on here a lot. I wake up and get on here first before I check my email and it's the last thing I check before bed.
  5. yeah, I always tell myself that I'm not going to open the forum until I get a little work done...but then I get here, and I stay here, and hours have gone by! But it's all good fun, there are worse habits!
  6. It's true this place is like being around friends - and not just any friends but those who are of the same wavelength. Gosh. I'm seriously addicted, but now I'm feeling like I'm just like everyone else. Thank goodness for that!
  7. There are much worse things you could be doing with your time. The nature of my work is sort of stressful. I enjoy the forum because while I'm working on something I can read the forum in between and its fun. Helps break up the monotony.
  8. Only 12 hours??? When I was on medical leave I think I was logged on an average of 16 hours or more a day!!! I've been going through withdrawal now that I've returned to work.

    It sucks because I don't work in a traditional office setting and I'm on the road a lot. As soon as I arrive home or check into my hotel, I'm instantly setting up my laptop so I can log on!:shame:

    I've also made some really great friends here and I feel like I've been neglecting them now that I'm not on as frequently!:sad: So sorry V and E!!
  9. i will not be here for a good five hours coz i have four reports to finish.. lol lol.. i need to get off soon.. hehe
  10. Dont feel bad!
    I think because most of us have high speedy we tend to stay connected to the net more.
    I for one have high speed and my pc stays on 24/7. So unless i'm going away for days at a time or its storming my pc is on and i'm logged into forums and my email is open.

    I will leave the pc and go shopping, take the kids to school, clean the house., make dinner i'm still logged in.

    No worries :smile:
  11. If you ever find out what is wrong with you could you PM me please? Then at least I would know what is wrong with me too! thanks!:love:
  12. LOL I find it wrong to admit that my DH knows what I mean when I say "tPF" and discuss it with him.
  13. and let's ask hubby how often he checks on sports scores
  14. i know what you mean. this PF is very addicting. but where else can you be and chat with friends all over the globe? i love it because nomatter what time it is, there is always someone to chat with.
  15. You're not alone, my husband is starting to monitor my time here....especially since the number of bag acquisitions have greatly increased.