I'm heading to LV tommorrow!

  1. And I just cashed my paycheck today, because I plan on coming back with a lil sumthing-sumthing! Or maybe even a bag!

    And guesses on what that might be? I'm not even sure, but I have a couple things in mind! :graucho:

    Besides the ivorie soufflot, bubble earrings, and the neverful (these aren't the things I plan to buy tommorrow, but I'd like to look at them for future reference), what else should I ask to look at? I always forget to ask for something!
  2. The bubble earrings are TDF! :love: What kind of things are you looking for? Anything in particular? Any line in particular?
  3. You should check out the new sweet monogram jewelry!
  4. Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette!
  5. I got bubble earrings for mother's day. They are sooooo cute! Def. check them out! Also agree with Michelle. The new little pochette is cute!
  6. mmm..soufflot! and jasmin!! (but I don't think either will fit a water bottle)....hmmm...

    can you look at a manhattan pm for me?? lol j/k
  7. O yes! The ring is SOO cute!
  8. Depending how much you want inside, you can most definitely fit a water bottle inside the Jasmin.
  9. I bought a bubble earrings a couple of weeks ago. You will love them!
  10. I love the sweet monogram jewelry!
  11. How much are they? :nuts: What colour did you get?
  12. Yup, I tried!
  13. For the jasmin, I'm going to wait until the purple epi comes out! :nuts:
  14. I think the Bubbles are 250. I got the dark pink/light pink combo. Wore the light pink ones today. soooo cute!
  15. You mean you have to buy 2 pairs at once?