I'm headed to Oahu on Friday...

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  1. A little pre-hibernation (I'm starting an accelerated BS Nursing program in two weeks) vacay.

    What should I get at the LV store?? (if i can get something goooood) :smile:

    Any ideas ladies??? I'm thinking DH is going to be pretty generous, b/c he wanted to buy me a congratulatory gift for getting accepted into school, hee2. - even though he just bought me a new Balenciaga - he's too good to me. :smile:
  2. neverfull damier
  3. Looking at your signature ~ how about something Vernis?
  4. oohhh anything huh???? I would say a damier neverfull or wc speedy 30...not sure what you like/want...
  5. if its possible to find, a WC 30!! :smile:
  6. Get the WC speedy 30
  7. add a lil color in your collection.. get the WC Speedy 30!
    I hope you can still find one there. =)
  8. I vote for the WC speedy 30 too! Have a great time in Oahu.
  9. Whatever you get as a big purchase whilst there, you MUST get the Hawaii stamp upon it or on a luggage tag!!! :tup:
  10. Get the damier neverfull !!! Or WC speedy 30 if your shopping budget allows for it ! :graucho:
  11. Another vote for WC 30 any color.
  12. ITA!!!:yes:
  13. im voting for the damier nf also. you can use it for school, or not.

    its not going to be in the states for quite a while, so its going to have a great resale value if you need it. and its def classy enough for a young professional sucha s yourself!

    congrats on school!
  14. Another vote for damier neverfull. Its worry free, which is perfect for a new nursing student! :tup:
  15. damier neverfull and matching trunks and bags accessories.