I'm head over heels in love <3 <3 <3 *REVEAL*

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  1. I was so sure that I would cool off from buying any Chanels this year, but when my friend sent me a picture of this bag, I literally went bonkers. I HAD to have it.

    Since the Chanel boutique in my country did not receive the bag yet, and also because it is much cheaper to buy designer goods in UK/Europe (due to VAT refund) I asked a friend of mine in London to get it.

    There was a lot of drama involved because the bag was always out of stock. I called Harrods, Selfridges, Chanel Bond St, Chanel Sloan St.. All of the London Chanel boutiques were practically on my speed dial. It was always either the wrong size, the wrong material or none at all. But the Chanel Gods decided to give me a break and I managed to track down the bag. The SA agreed to reserve the bag for ONE day only.

    So off my friend went to the boutique. Even though it was 3 am local time for me, I was glued to my phone waiting for her update. She sent me a picture of the bag and said she was about to pay. I was so excited and started jumping up and down. But then...

    My friend suddenly sent me a text saying that she forgot to bring her passport. So she was not able to buy it.

    I wanted to cry. It was so close yet so far!!! My friend managed to convince the SA to hold the bag for one more day, to which she agreed.

    The next day she got the bag for me! She was on a long holiday so I only received the bag yesterday, almost a month after purchasing.

    Now.. who's ready for the reveal????
  2. here!!!!!
  3. I'm here!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Here!!!
  6. :party:
  7. Here ..... I applaud the tough road u went to get the bag of your dream
  8. So excited!!!!

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  9. I'm dying to see what you got:smile:)
  10. YAYYY reveal!!!
  11. classic box?!?!?! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! You have an awesome friend!
  13. I promise this is the last tease before I reveal the bag hehe

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  14. i am dying over here!!! :P
  15. here