I'm having what possibly could be one of the worst days of my life...

  1. Hi guys.

    Everyone's busy and I really need to fume so thought I'd post here.

    Today has just been pure horrible. I've only been awake for 6 hours and I'm already thinking this could be one of the worst days of my life. Let's take a look back and reflect on what happened, shall we?

    First of all, I woke up 2 hours after I was supposed to and ended up missing the first two out of three total classes I had today. I was supposed to wake up at 7 AM to get to school by 8:30 but I ended up waking up at 9:00 and getting to school at 11, just in time for my third and last class of the day. I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. This has NEVER, ever happened before. I don't think I've missed a class in my whole life because of not waking up on time. There were two or three times where I woke up just in time and had a quick shower and left the house but today I woke up AFTER my first class has started. Even my friends couldn't believe it, they thought it was totally weird this happened. I was surprised, too.

    After my 1.5 hour class, I drove to the post office to pick up what I thought was my new watch that I ordered last week. I waited over half an hour in line and all I picked up was a lousy pair of earrings that I ordered ages ago and just arrived. I totally forgot about them and was disappointed it wasn't my watch.

    Then, I go to my mailbox to get my mail (my mailbox isn't in front of my house like regular mailboxes in other places are). I turned off the car and got out to get it, and after opening my box I found that the postman has stuffed a large package in a small package compartment. It was BOOKS. They could've gotten DAMAGED. And worst of all, they were gifts, too. Yeah, took me a good three minutes just getting the package out, and the sides of the mailbox scraped off the top layer of cardboard. Great. Luckily, the books were okay.

    Then here is where it goes downhill...

    I couldn't start my friggin car. Yup, I was one block away from home and my car wouldn't stop. Uh-huh. Car sitting right in front of the mailbox, immediately after a busy intersection in front of an elementary school. Just. Great. So, I haul all my stuff out of my car: my backpack, laptop, large parcel, little parcel, plus whatever valuables in the car, out of the car. I walk a block home and it wasn't too bad, luckily it was only -10*C today. (The only thing I feel lucky about is the fact that today is probably the warmest out of this entire week). I go home, try calling my boyfriend, but no answer. Okay, call again, no answer. Umm excuse me, you said your cellphone was there for me to call in case of an emergency, so pick up! I ended up calling him at least 15-20 times until I finally gave up. In between, I called AMA (Alberta Motor Association), where I have a membership with (thank goodness my dad bought me a membership this year) and asked for help. I waited about 30 minutes to get a representative on the line, and in between, I used my cellphone to call my boyfriend. Nope, still no call.

    Finally there's an available rep, and knowing nothing about cars, talking to her made me feel like the biggest idiot ever. I had no clue where I wanted to get my car fixed, or what was wrong with it. In the end I just had to tell her I honestly knew nothing about cars and just needed help to come. She was very nice about it, and said help would be here within an hour. The driver would call me when he is 5 minutes away from where my car broke down.

    So I get off the phone, and try calling my boyfriend a few more times. No answer. Out of nowhere I had this idea that maybe he was at work already (it was 2:00, his normal schedule starts at 4:00) and a colleague picked up. Yup, he was at work. She went to look for him but he was nowhere to be found. I told her to tell him it was an emergency.

    So by now I was so upset I was bawling my eyes out. I called up my sister, who had the car before it was passed on to me, and told her the whole thing. And OF COURSE during this time my boyfriend calls me at the same time. I continue talking to my sister and my boyfriend keeps trying to call. I try to get off the phone with my sister but she was so concerned and kept talking. My boyfriend finally gave up calling my cell and calls me on my house phone, and I hang up because I'm expecting a call from the driver and don't want to hold up the line. Finally, when I was able to get off the phone with my sister I told him to call my cellphone because I'm expecting a call on my house phone. he calls my cell and my sister decided to call me back on my house phone to see if i was okay. Oh my...

    I tell her I'm okay, just talking on the phone with my boyfriend, while I'm still crying because I was so upset, and my boyfriend just HANGS UP ON ME I told him to hold on. Yeah. I screamed to my sister (not at her though) that I was very pissed at my boyfriend because he wouldn't pick up his phone. I swear in total I called him at least 30 times by now. It's frustrating, you know? Especially when it's an emergency. She told me to take it easy and give him a break but I was just furious.

    I get a call from the driver saying he's 5 minutes away and I run out the door, back to the mailbox. Keep in mind my boyfriend has stopped calling and now would not pick up his phone...AGAIN!!!! Finally he picked up and told me he was at work (no $hit Sherlock) and that his cellphone was in his jacket pocket. And he just kept talking and talking and talking about why he was at work already, blah....and then I saw the tow truck driver drive up to my car and so I just told my boyfriend, "I am SO upset at you." and hung up.

    Well, the mechanic/driver guy managed to get my car to start again, but I'm still waiting for the battery guy to show up. The mechanic thinks it's my battery, so I'm going to get it checked. So, I've left my car running, parked in my driveway right now. Oh, and while I was in a hurry to put my shoes on, I broke the zipper pull of my favourite boots. Then, when I was getting in the house from checking up on my car, I slipped with the doors closing (I could've seriously hurt myself).


    Sorry, I know that was all over the place and it probably didn't sound like that big of a deal but I think the one part that really set me off was my boyfriend not answering his phone. He's a supervisor and ALL the managers/supervisor keep their cellphones on them because, well, you're a supervisor, you know? People are trying to call you. And he tells me he leaves his cellphone on all the time in case I need something. Yeah, right. If it was minus 30 celcius outside, it would've been really, really bad. Oh, not to mention that I still haven't eaten lunch yet. Yeah, wonder what that would've been like...hungry, freezing, boyfriend not answering his phone...

    Well, thanks for listening. I feel a little better now.
  2. Well I hope you feel better...........sounds like you are just having a bad day, we all have those from time to time and those days are just terrible! just relax take a deep breath, smile things will get better
  3. Well if it makes you feel any better, my dad has surveillance technology in our home right now. I've forever lost my privacy.
  4. ^^^^Jan: WOWSA...how come?

    Karman: I'm sorry sweetie *HUGS* Crappy days just suck! And when it rains...well it pours! So sorry!!! Get a good night's sleep....set the alarm...and just start over fresh tomorrow!
  5. hope you feel better...and that tomorrow will be an excellent day for you! :smile:
  6. whaaaaaaat? I remember getting mad at my parents when i was younger when they took away my doorknob (so i couldn't lock the door to my room)...
  7. tomorrow will be a better day!

    i'll commiserate with you because i'm having the worst days of my life right now as well...
  8. I'm so sorry to hear you had such an awful day. Tomorrow will be a much better day! HUGS! :flowers:
  9. DEEP BREATH, breathe!!! Get some rest, hot shower, hot cocoa...
  10. Horrible day! But let's talk about what did not happen.
    You did not get in an auto accident and get hurt.
    You actually have people in your life to call..who love you which means you are not alone
    You are healthy, in school and have a roof over your head.
    You have tPF where lots of us love you and support you
    Yes, I am a dopey sappy optimist. But it gets me by.
    Hope you feel better!
  11. Let's put it in perspective.

    The worst part is the car. Is it fixed? Do you have the money to fix it? If it is just a battery, that is a common problem and one of the cheapest to fix.

    Did you miss a test, can you get some notes?

    The books are ok.

    You have money to buy earrings and a watch. The watch will be here soon.

    The zipper can be fixed, or you can get a new pair of boots.

    Hey, you have what a lot of girls want, a BOYFRIEND. He works for a living he got busy, doing a project that he gets paid for. He could have been with another girl cheating on you, but he was working.

    You could not talk when he could talk. That is sometimes just how things go.

    You might be PMS ing.

    Breathe. Tomorrow will be better.
  12. Car trouble is the worst..I can totally relate. I have had quite a few car mishaps to deal with. Anyway, take a deep breath, a bubble bath, and new LV and all will be well with the world...lol!!!
  13. If this is one of the worst days in your life, you're very lucky. ;) Take it easy, this too shall pass.
  14. How come it seems like when bad stuff happens it all happens at once, like one thing after another? I swear that always happens to me.

    The good thing is that even though all of that was really a royal pain in the behind, none of it is really all that awful in the grand scheme of things. And when all that happens at once, it's all over with and you'll have a better day tomorrow. So get some rest and you'll feel better tomorrow for sure!
  15. Just a crummy day. Tomorrow is a new day.

    And be thankful it wasn't anything else- everyone is ok and just go take a deep breath!!!