I'm having some sort of a problem here.

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  1. I just bought an Eva clutch in mono a couple of months ago as an early Valentines and "just because" gift, NF Neo in DE a few weeks ago, then LV replaced my beloved Palermo with a new one because of glazing issues..... and now I'm itching to buy another one! A wallet or two maybe. :nogood::shame:

    I keep on thinking what occasion I can use as an excuse this time LOL. DH will not be happy. I just can't help it! Agree? :loveeyes::love::tup::blush:
  2. Hahaha its the bug. I got it 2
  3. It is a slippery slope..just be careful. Try enjoying what you have. :smile:
  4. Something in azur. Summers coming.
  5. I totally understand! Maybe something in the Corail Epi for Spring/Summer? :smile:
  6. With LV buy what you want as quickly as humanly possible...lol
    Their prices increases get you, missed out on a few bags I wanted coz I putzed around and now I balk that I don't want to pay that much for it.
  7. I am thinking about getting an Emilie wallet. It isn't that expensive compared to others so if you are concerned about the DH it would be a nice option hehe.. If you are a mom, mother's day is just around the corner in case you need an extra reason to buy hehehe :smile:
  8. Tell DH that you're extremely stressed at work and need a "pick-me-up." Works every time!!
  9. This is advice I wish I had back in 2011!! Just remembering the prices back then makes me :faint:. $700 for NF MM, $690 for a speedy 30, $980 for a mon mono speedy 30. Many bags under $1000 including tax! Back then spending so much on a bag felt wrong and now I'm like, I would have saved so much if I bought everything back then.:cry:
  10. I'm thinking of this one ~ Mother's day!!! But DH's birthday is a week after that. :nogood::tdown:

    Hahaha I LVoe this idea! :graucho::graucho:
  11. High five! :biggrin::graucho:
  12. Amen to that! My aunt and SIL just had this exact topic over the weekend. And just ended up saying "Oh well what to do".
  13. When you got an itch....you gotta scratch :cool:
  14. This! :smile:
  15. i agree .. it's LV bug! i got bitten too :panic: