I'm having second thoughts....

  1. I'm seriously going crazy....I've been thinking about a dang birkin all night...should I buy....should I not buy...I get so bored with bags and I buy more.. has this happened to any of you with your birkin? I don't want to get in the habit of buying birkin's one should be enough (but I have a bad feeling this is not the case)! When you bought or decided to but a birkin did your have reservations? If you didn't maybe being on this forum really is bad and I've talked(read) my way to thinking I wanted a birkin? Sorry I'm rambling but I'm just trying to get my thoughts out? Please ADVISE this crazy person!!!
  2. My feeling on this is you may have a problem, but not in a bad way. I don't get that fever and have to have lots of bags. I am not like that. If I get a bag I don't get tired of it fast and then need a second or something because a new color came out. Some people are like that. Others don't influence me either...never have and never will.
    If you get a Birkin I don't feel you will HAVE to have another one because it is an addiction. I think your personality type may require you to have another and another etc. Understand what I am saying?
    If you love the Birkin style and really want a Birkin than invest to get it. Don't get it because you get caught up into all this on the forum. It is a big investment. You shouldn't have any reservations on your purchase, so think about it. Give it time and then start your hunt. I would hate to see you buy one and spend all that $ and later regret it.
    Also, think about buying aneutral color first, so it may lessen the need to buy another so fast. The good thing is the Birkin will last a lifetime in usage.

    Good Luck and hope I helped.
  3. Well, I can't give you much advice because I've bought both the kelly and birkin since visiting this board so yes, it is dangerous! I have bought tons of bags over the years, and sold, so that is some of my justification .....do you have any to sell? My tastes have changed over time also. I'm not loving logo bags anymore (though I do love the LV in your avatar)...I'm also trying to limit my bags to around 10 -- and try to do the one in, one out rule.....I think if you are ready to calm down a bit on your bags (I was before Hermes came in!) - then go for it! I love that the bags are understated elegance....probably not much help but I can relate - now we have to be strong!! I plan on buying a few smaller items/accessories to keep me happy in the future instead of more bags (well one a year hopefully) - such as bracelets, watch, scarves, etc...:amuse:

    The other thing is, as kellybag mentioned above, you might regret it if you're buying for the wrong reasons...however, they hold their value so you should be able to get some money back...oh, and my birkin is orange and I love it! I personally don't care for the bag in black...just my opinion though!
  4. LVLover - I think if you're having second thoughts about the Birkin, maybe it's not really what you want.

    I agree with what both Kelly and shoes said if you buy one you might regret if you buy it for the wrong reasons.

    For me, a few years ago, the Birkin didn't appeal to me that much and I bought a lot of "it" bags from other brands. I think my taste has changed and I am really liking Hermes and Birkin. A work colleague of mine has a Birkin, and it's nice to see how the bag is, the craftmanship, so I'm sure I want one, or two, or three. But I know I have a limit on how many Birkins I can buy.
  5. Definitely think it through and give it some time to settle in. I usually give myself a week to mull over it, if this certain bag is still lingering in my mind at the end of the week then I buy it.

    With me, I can show no interest in a certain bag, but out of the blues if I see somebody that wears it well or matched up nicely all of a sudden I MUST HAVE IT and feel like I can't live without it LOL!
    It's a sickness, I know.