I'm having second thoughts on the Gris Poivre color.... =/

  1. I have my first Balenciaga Town RH in Gris Poivre on the way but I'm having second thoughts about the color. I can't wait for it to get to me so I can try it out with my outfits but maybe in the the meantime you guys/ladies can help me.

    Don't get me wrong, I think GP is a great neutral but I feel like it has a dirty feel to it because of its brown/grey mixture, if that makes any sense. I think it looks great againts black/dark clothings but will maybe mesh with other colors -- like how black goes with everything I'm afraid GP won't do the same. I tried finding medeling pictures of any style in GP but I found only a few and most of them are worn againts blacks or of the same grey/brown color outfits. I've seen a couple GPs againts colors but looks really tacky -- it doesn't look right.

    I really love the GP color but maybe I need to be just a little bit more convinced of its versitilty. If there's anyone out there with GP in any style, particulary the Town, please post up photos on how to where this color besides the blacks, browns, or greys. I appreciate it!

    Any help would be great... and I'm sorry if some of you may not feel the same way but would appreciate your understanding.

  2. I love gp! The color grows on me. And yes it is neutral and color coordination with clothes is not tough.

    Mine is gp rh city.


    some may not find this nice but I love how the veining has "seasoned" the more I use it.
  3. Like you I love the veins on my Gris Poivre!

    I mostly wear neutrals and blacks so my GP looks always great with my chlothes.
  4. I don't own a GP bag but I have seen it in real and it is a very versitile color IMO. I have two Papyrus bags which have the same greyish undertone. Others say Papyrus is grey and other more beige. It depends on what outfit you put it with. The same goes for GP from what I've seen. Very easily it matches everything. If I had to buy a neutral color that would be GP definitely.;)
  5. The color might look a little dark from the pictures. Surprisingly I found this color so easy to wear. I usually wear color bags but since I got this bag (Day with mRGH), I have been using it non-stop for 4 weeks.

    I wear neutral, black, as well as colorful tops (like red, orange, yellow...etc). It goes with everything I have in my wardrobe.
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice! My GP Town RH is still on the way. Hope more people will add their thoughts in the meantime. :biggrin:
  7. I think GP would look lovely with cobalt blue shades.
  8. I'm another fan of GP and its versatility. Other brands have a similar shade - Hermes Etoupe, Bottega Veneta Shadow - and they all look great with almost everything. I have Prada from last year almost this same color, otherwise I'd get a Bal GP bag in a heartbeat. Among others, this kind of shade looks great with blue, and blue jeans in particular.
  9. It is a great neutral - go with anything shade.
    Don't have one, but do admire it!
  10. It is one of my favorite colors of all the bags I own. Really is a go with almost everything kind of bag.
  11. My GP arrives today! Will post up pics as soon as I get the chance.
  12. I really like that color.
  13. So... I received my GP town and here are pictures of it riding along with me in my car. The thing is, I noticed every single tassel on the purse was already split. I didn't notice it til I got home. I went back to Nieman Marcus to do an exchange but I realized that IRL the color is too grey for my liking so I got the black RH Town instead.


  14. It's a really beautiful color but... It didn't rock my boat as much as the usual black.
  15. I think you did well getting the black one!