I'm having second thought about getting my SO cabas mezzo???

  1. I SO a Cabas Mezzo two months ago, and after seeing one on here, I'm really having second thoughts about getting it. I got a call that the bag was in and was wondering since I've paid the $640.00 already can I just get something else or is it final sale?
  2. How did you order it? I guess I mean what will it look like? I am not sure if SO are final or not. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  3. Wow, in Damier..I assuming....that sounds awesome!!

    I would tink final sale, but I know recently someone from here bought an on hand SO damier bucket....so maybe not.
  4. I placed the order through 866-vuitton from the Lenox Square store.
  5. why was it special order??? tell us more....
  6. Wait something is not making sense....cabas mezzo is 990, so SO should be about 1300?

    what did you order?
  7. I love the damier canvas and thought it would be really nice to have the mezzo but I didn't like it too much in the monogram so I ordered it in the damier, not much more than that, saw it on this forum and it doesn't look like I pictured it...
  8. I ordered the Cabas Mezzo, I was charged $640.00, I live in Louisiana, so maybe she didn't charge taxes until the bag arrived, or maybe I won't be charged taxes at all???
  9. Maybe the $640 is a deposit?? In the end you'll end up paying $1280 instead?
  10. ^ I know this, does any of this even matter, my concern is if you get a credit or can you get something else? Here is a picture of luccibags mezzo.
  11. Doesn't sound right to me...would be nice in Damier though...sounds like a deposit???
  12. That is the deposit, maybe I'm off here, so let me explain, you have to pay 50% for them to start the process correct, if I decided that I did not want the bag do I get a credit towards something else since the deposit is not refundable or do I have to purchase the bag definitely???
  13. I don't think you have to purchase it. Do you have a receipt that says something like FINAL SALE or DEPOSIT NOT REFUNDABLE?
  14. I'm not in the state where I ordered the bag, but I left my number for the sa to give me call back.
  15. I'm pretty sure you just lost your deposit and you're not obliged to buy it at the end.